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Free Erotica Series: "I’ll Always Be With You (A Sable & Sara Story)"

I’ll Always Be With You (A Sable & Sara Story)

"I’ll Always Be With You (A Sable & Sara Story)" written by Max D

Curled up with the one person that she truly loves, Sable struggles with Sara’s power over her. Perhaps what she should really worry about is how their father’s legacy is becoming unavoidable. [Includes: FF, Vaginal Penetration, Fingering & Fisting]

Enjoy "I’ll Always Be With You (A Sable & Sara Story)" written by Max D for free! Read online, download the PDF, or download eReader formats on Smashwords right now!

Featured Erotica from Very Dirty Stories #121

"I’ll Always Be With You (A Sable & Sara Story)" written by Max D

Sable let her sister curl up on her chest. Despite her natural irritation, she had to admit it was comforting to have someone who knew her in her arms. Of all the twisted and insane things that Sable had done over the years, this was probably one of the worst gambles yet. She never expected to actually love her sister after their long years of mutual resentment.

Sara turned in her sleep, pressing her bare buttocks back into Sable's trousers, and her long brown hair stuck to Sable's mouth and nostrils. Fighting the immature urge to blow out loudly, Sable let go of her sister's arm to brush the hair aside. The motion was enough to stir Sara again, but her eyes stayed shut while she twisted around and tucked into a ball with her forehead against Sable's bare breasts. Her feet kicked Sable's strong legs a couple of times, trying to gain purchase so the petite woman could curl up tighter, and then Sara slipped back into her dreams.

The scent of her sister's shampoo lingered in Sable's nostrils even after she brushed the fine brown hair from her face. There was no way to sleep like this, but Sable didn't want to break her promise. After all the taunting and daring and sexual demands the two sisters shared, Sable had been the one to back down. She could only go so far - and the tender cries of her sister's pleasure had unnerved her more than the growling threats of men twice her size.

Sable tried not to dwell on the intimacy she had shared with Sara. They were grown women. They could do as they wanted. Hell, they were raised by three women - two of whom were still their mothers and weren't particularly discrete about their sex lives. But no matter how Sable tried to cover it up, she understood the real difference. Sable had never liked nor cared about the men she fucked, abused, and degraded. It had always been about her pleasure or at most an infatuation that stirred her interest in seeking pleasure. Only now had she discovered, after avoiding sexual relationships with women out a childish spite directed at her mothers, that she could truly care about an intimate partner.

At least Sable cared about Sara. Maybe that was the real issue. She cared about her younger half-sister. Not about women and not about sex with women. No matter how she pushed her sibling, it had always been about having an advantage and dominating her. But in bed together, Sable was the protector and guardian of her precious sister. It was unavoidable. She knew Sara's limits and weaknesses. How could Sable let anyone else ever hurt her?

Her confusion shifted to anger as Sable worked her way around to realizing this was why her mothers hadn't directly intervened in the Sable's domination of Sara. She had been raised by Andrea, and her amazon mother believed in a world where people had responsibilities and a specific role. Sable was now discovering exactly what she had been fighting against for so many years of her life. That only with her sister at her side was she whole. That only with her younger sibling curled up in her arms was she empowered to be truly righteous. That only her rage only had meaning when it was focused on saving them both.

Sara stirred and stretched her arms. When she hugged Sable, her strong forearms pressed into her older sister's ribs and Sara moved up her Sable's toned body. Her moist lips found Sable's mouth, and her soft sleepy kiss was full of slow dreaming. She murmured something to Sable's cheek, and then Sara curled back up in her little ball with the top of her head under her older sibling's chin.

Sable half hoped that she had misunderstood, but it was hard to mistake her sister's confident words for anything else.

"You'll always protect me."


"It's not sonic!" Sable hollered at her younger sister. "It doesn't make any sounds." Sara's game was annoying her when she was trying hard to solve one of Andrea's devilish puzzles.

Staring at her older sister with tears in her eyes, Sara retorted, "It's light amplified." She choked back a sob and went back to aiming her laser pointer tipped wand at various parts of the room looking for something to change or move.

From the hallway, Alexi sighed while watching her daughters. Tom would have put his arm over her shoulder, given her a kiss and brushed back her hair, but he wasn't there. So now his youngest played her own version of Dr. Who endlessly seeking a way to go back in time to see her dad, and his oldest coiled her fist in resentment and fury while lashing out with the brashness and unrepentant anger only an eleven year old could hold on to.

Michelle was out, and Andrea was in a meeting. Straightening her shoulders, Alexi walked into the living room and prepared for Sable's sulking and Sara's bubbly emotions. She wasn't surprised when Sable brushed back her bowl cut hair and made a hrumphing noise while Alexi made her way to the couch. Sara's unexpected and sudden dash to her legs and bear hug around her thighs almost toppled Alexi over while she was watching Tom's eldest.

"Mom! I think I found something. Right over here!" Sara tugged on her mother with enough uncontrolled force to splash the ceiling with bright laser light. "It moved! I swear it did." She was so much more eloquent with her vocabulary than Sable had been at her age.

With a hand brushing back the seven year old's long soft brown hair, Alexi tried to calm her. "Honey... honey... Let go so you can show me." Her soft words couldn't get through Sara's excitement. "Sara. I've told you not to pull on people before."

The gentle reprimand provoked a grunt from Sable. That did get Sara's attention. "Don't believe her. She didn't see. She wasn't looking. Mom, please, mom..." Her tugging became frantic, but Alexi had to stay rooted to the spot so she wouldn't fall down.

"Baby girl, I can't see it if you trip me. Now what did we practice? Remember. Ten deep-"

"Breaths! Yes, I know. But maybe it won't be moving. We have to hurry." Now Sara launched off in the direction of the unused fireplace with its brick hearth and dark stone mantel.

Reminding herself that Sara was still exploring the world, Alexi followed along while casting a sideways glance at Sable. Her eldest was giving the appearance of concentrating - which meant Sable was actually up to something and paying close attention to what was going on in the room. Alexi was thankful that their problem child was so very much like her father but had yet to develop his mastery of social deception and subterfuge.

Excited with her wand extended and aimed at a set of stones just below the mantel, Sara exclaimed, "Here! See, mommy! It moves and flashes!" The laser light flickered soft blue and moved in Sara's unsteady hands. At first it just seemed to be a trick of the eye, but the stone really was emitting a pale green glow whenever the amplified light passed over a specific spot.

Alexi stepped closer, letting Sara latch onto her hip, and took the wand from her daughter. When the light was aimed elsewhere, there was no indication of anything amiss or hidden. Aimed directly on a bit of black soot covered stone, the blue light strobed over a sensor of some kind and it replied back. "That's very interesting, Sara," Alexi said while puzzling over what she was seeing. "What do you think it is?"

"I think maybe... just maybe... it's a secret-"

Sable interrupted her sister. "It's a scanner point. Security measure. Accessed properly it opens a safety vault." Her know-it-all tone shut her sibling down. "It is decidedly not a secret passage to where Dr. Who has hid his TARDIS."

Stroking her youngest's hair, Alexi ran a finger over the bit of black stone. A whispering filled her ears, and she was sure if she'd been wearing a lens then a message would have been displayed. "Alexi Calbo," she whispered. Sable made a noise on the couch, and Sara started pointing all around them.

Red and yellow interlacing lines of light descended around the room. A part of the fireplace brickwork opened, and a five foot by four foot passage was exposed. Sable was shaking her head and muttering something, but all Alexi could hear was Sara's excited pronouncements about finding the secret vault of the Timelords. Before Alexi could grab her, the willowy young girl dove into the passage and vanished.

And then her ear bud began bleating in high pitched tones. Andrea. Calling in a panic and demanding to know if Alexi had time to evacuate. Trying to stay calm despite being forty minutes away and unable to protect her lover and their children. Alexi was trying to calm her down when Sara came out of the darkness with tears rolling down her chubby cheeks.

"There's no TARDIS. No sign of anything. Just some old food and a candy bar." She held out the chocolate bar to Alexi, knowing that she wasn't allowed candy unless it came from one of her mothers and sighed while slumping into a depressed lump on the hearth.

"Shut off the alarms, Andrea. It's just an accident. Sara found a saferoom with her laser wand." Alexi was struggling to calm her amazon lover while watching Sable gloating on the couch. "Or have your little devil disable it. She could have warned me what would happen." Her anger cut through Andrea's fear, and her lover finally understood and gave the all clear.

The eerie laser light show ended and the vault buttoned up. Alexi didn't notice she was holding a Baby Ruth bar in her hand until she'd sent Sara off to find a new game to play and told Sable to go to her room. Then she sat down on the uneven brick of the hearth and slumped down just like her youngest daughter. She hadn't seen a Baby Ruth in the house since Tom had gone.


"What about it?" Sable asked angrily. She was holding her sister's toy wand and turning it over in her hand. There was nothing special or unique about the item. It could have been bought at any store when they were kids.

Sara smiled at her sister's persistent doubt. What had her father said? "There's a reason why you never get invited to naked parties," she murmured to Sable and then laughed. "It has no manufacturing imprint, and I'm pretty sure those lasers were regulated by the time I was old enough to have it." She tried to stick to the facts. Her sister would not be swayed by an emotional argument.

Without checking, Sable handed the toy back. "I don't see why it matters. There's nothing mysterious about an LED tipped wand. I get it. You hold on to sentimental things... but beyond that-"

"No. I hold on to memories. And in this case I have four memories. One is when I got the wand for my birthday. It came with a story, about a Doctor, and I thought it was about Dr. Who. The Doctor used the wand to find hidden places and keep things safe. I also remember that for some reason I was convinced that it could move things. I don't know where I got that idea, but it must have been a corruption of something from the story or something the wand could actually do. Third, this laser light was just the right frequency to interact with the security system at the house. You know far better than I how narrow the responsive range would have been on those sensors." She stopped and let her elder sister sift through the facts.

Sable surprised her by volunteering the fourth memory. "And Andrea told you to always keep this with you, keep it safe, and not to let me have it. So I stole it and hid it from you as often as I could. Why aren't we just asking Andrea where they bought it?" As soon as she asked the question, the dark eyed brunette sighed because she knew the answer. "Why do you want me to ask?"

"Because Dad had it custom made for me. It was in plain sight, but just a child's toy. No one, not even you, ever questions why Andrea thought it should be by my side at all times. And mom had to know that you kept an eye on it, too. Why else make it such an obvious target for your... ummm..."

"For me to steal. Yes, I get all that." Her fingers brushed over her sister's hand. "Don't you think if it had a purpose then Andrea and Alexi would have told us by now? Seriously? I know it seems important, but maybe it was just a tracker or something. Have you tested it for signals?"

Sara was still staring at her sister's long fingers. Sable rarely made any pretense of human contact. It was something strange and new and made Sara's heart beat a little faster.

"Sara... Hello. You still there?" Sitting right across from her sister, Sable could see that Sara was lost in deep thought. It was a bit unnerving to see her sister turn inward without any warning - her physical presence still right there but her mind somewhere else altogether.

"Sorry," the slender long haired brunette murmured and her eyes were suddenly alive and attentive. "I did test it for signals, but I don't know as much as you do. A tracker would make sense. But that doesn't explain the light beam." There was a lingering sense of her searching for something else, something Sable couldn't see, but at least Sara's expressions appeared more natural.

It was best to pretend nothing had happened. "Oh. What about it?" Sable focused on her curiosity to move past her distraction.

Sara was hopeful her sister would understand and accept her limitations. "When I ran it through a diffraction grating, I thought I saw images." She could still visualize the images, and Sara had no idea why her various attempts to take pictures never worked.


Tucked neatly between her lover's legs, Alexi's fist slowly stroked and massaged Andrea's wet pussy walls. Her amazon warrior moaned and shifted in their bed, and both laughed when a call from their daughters pulsed in their jaw implants. "Figures, I was just about ready to slip my second hand into this lovely stretched hole..." Alexi murmured to tease her lover. Andrea swallowed and glared at her with mock indignation.

"Yes," she deadpanned while answering the call. Andrea wiggled her long legs, but Alexi didn't stop playing with her sex. "Maybe you should call back later."

"Mom! We were wondering... well, I was wondering, but Sable's wondering, too... Where did you get my laser wand? You know. My Dr. Who one..." Sara's persistent excitement burst through the comms with a familiar tickle.

Trying to play it cool while Alexi's knuckles nudged into her g-spot, Andrea replied, "Oh, that old thing. You still have that? It was something your father left for you. Don't know where it came from. Is that all?" She was determined to maintain her calm no matter how Alexi nibbled on her clit to provoke a reaction.

There was a muffled exchange of words between the sisters, and then Sable spoke to Andrea. "It's not mass manufactured. It may be custom made. Do you have any idea how much data something this size could hold?" It was obvious that Sable was trying to convey a message to Andrea while limiting her sister's expectations. "Was it specifically a gift for Sara?"

Fighting the natural urge to moan while Alexi lightly bit her labia and tugged on them, Andrea replied, "It can wait until tomorrow. I'm... occupied. Call me back in twelve hours." She exhaled heavily while her lover treated her clit to another tongue lashing.

"Oh, good goddess. Don't answer the phone when you're in bed, mom." Sable hung up instantly, but the line was still open.

Sara stayed on for a moment longer. "I hope it feels really good, mom." Her whisper was met with a partially overheard rebuke from Sable before Sara disconnected as well.

"Scared them off?" Alexi asked from between Andrea's thighs.

"Shut up and suck," Andrea joked and then thrust her pelvis into her lover's mouth. Alexi's dirty games were all about arousing her blood pressure, but Andrea wasn't going to admit that having two adult daughters gave her occasional nasty fantasies.

Knowing her amazon's moods as well as her body, Alexi plunged deeper. Her fist and half her forearm stroked in and out of Andrea's sex, and Alexi jokingly kissed her lover's belly button while pretending to see her fist bulging outward. Andrea tipped her chin to her chest to keep an eye on Alexi's flirting and taunting. Her hand ran over Alexi's long hair, enjoying the silky strands slipping between her fingers, and Andrea sighed. "Those girls are always interrupting us." She felt Alexi stop and rocked her hips on her lover's fist and forearm.

With a gentle kiss on Andrea's clitoris, Alexi winked while looking up over Andrea's abdomen and between her pooled breasts. "Yeah... they're crazy..." She laughed and the motion of her mouth buzzed against Andrea's pelvis. Then Alexi went back to fisting her life partner while enjoying the heat and wetness wrapped around her hand.


"Sable, are you sure we should try this?" Sara was hesitant to risk breaking the gift from her father.

Nodding her head, her older sister ran the laser wand through another scanner pass. "You can see it. This isn't a toy. There's a lot of additional circuitry and processing power that is totally unnecessary for a laser pointer." She looked at Sara with a grimace. "I don't see any other way beyond opening it." The wand was held in place with two cushioned clamps, and Sable had already taken out a knife from her tool case to cut away a portion of the 3D printed shaft.

"Dad would have put security measures in place." It was the only argument that Sara could make. "I don't know how or why, but maybe... maybe the alignment of the laser is important or something..."

Shaking her head so her short brown hair fell on her cheeks, Sable reluctantly acknowledged her sister's poorly explained idea. "Ok. So let's presume three things. First, the laser is an output device. Clever but obvious. Second, there is a lot more functionality in the wand than just shining the laser at things. Third, there would need to be a way to get the laser to display information." She shook her head some more. "I'm stuck. I get that the frequency of the light interacted with security measures at the house, but we're in London so there's no way to try that out. You said running the light through a diffraction grating made it display images, but everything we tried didn't work." She held up a hand to cut off her sensitive younger sister's objections. "I didn't say that you're wrong. I just said we can't reproduce what you saw."

They both thought about it in silence while sitting on the deck of the Hilton Executive Lounge in London Bridge with the Shard towering above them only a handful of blocks away. It was slightly overcast out, but there was no sign of rain yet. They had the outdoors to themselves, and no one commented on the two sisters who had brought a briefcase and various tools out to examine the faux Dr. Who wand in natural light.

It was Sara who gave in to her emotional impulses. She tugged the laser wand from the scanner mounting, trying at first to wrench it free with brute force and resorting to sliding it lengthwise out of the cushioned grips when that didn't work, and then switched it on. The blue LED tip was dim in the afternoon light, but Sara aimed the wand directly at the magnificent glass paneled edifice of the Shard. For a moment, there was just confusion, and both women had to adjust their eyes. And then they saw their father, larger than life, carrying Sara while a knee-high Sable batted at the grass with a stick in her hand.

"Shut it off," Sable hissed. Sara did and then set the wand on the table. "What did you do differently?"

"I don't know. I..." She turned the wand over and felt along the smooth depressions of the shaft. "It always fit my hand so well. Is it possible?"

Sable took the wand and carefully remounted it in the scanner grips. This time her scan was zero'd in on any surface transitions. The datapad readout was obvious once she knew what to look for. "Fingerprint scanners. No wonder we couldn't get anything out of it. You have to be holding it so the fingerprint scanners can positively ID you." She looked at her sister closely. "Did you know that?"

"Just intuition, I guess." Sara tried to downplay her gut feeling as she always had.

"I've read substantial portions of dad's journals. He had a lot of opinions on intuition." Sable considered her next words carefully. "Dad said that his sister was as sensitive as he was when they were both young, but then she tuned out her intuition because it made people think she was different. He was pretty pissed off about it to be honest. I get the impression he felt that his sister effectively put her eyes out in the midst of a war - all for her personal convenience."

The words came so easily that for a moment Sara was just nodding along. Then the meaning hit home and her eyes opened wide. "I have an aunt? We have... we have an aunt?" It was hard to keep her voice down. "Why haven't we met her? Where is she? What does she do?"

Sable put a restraining hand on Sara before her sister started jumping around and making a fuss. "All dead. Our aunt and our four cousins. Three boys and one girl. Nothing unusual to investigate. Car accident along the interstate. Tractor trailer truck lost control, nine car pile up, they were crushed to death." Her uneasy tones suggested something else, and Sable could tell Sara had caught on.

"We can't die that way. Dad. He didn't die that way. Sable, what really happened?"

All she could do was shake her head. "That's all the information I've been able to get. If Dad knew more then I haven't found where he wrote it down. Andrea swears that she didn't know about it until Tom came back from the funeral. He wouldn't let anyone be there with him. And I got the impression he vanished to Vienna for a week or two afterward to put distance between himself and the accident." She let go of Sara's arm. "We have extended family out there. Some of them may be different like us. But Dad thought it was unsafe to keep close together. He said it brought out all our illnesses and compulsions while diminishing our capabilities."

Sara collapsed into her chair. She knew it. "Oh, the poor things," she moaned and tears ran down her cheeks. "They must have been so terrified."

"What? Sara, c'mon. Get a grip. They wouldn't have known what was happening." Sable was confused by her sister's weeping and felt uncomfortable around such a public display of emotions.

Anticipating her sister's reaction, Sara took a deep breath and dabbed her eyes and cheeks with a napkin. "I'll mourn them later - when you aren't around to get angry." She got up and gestured toward the laser wand. "We should get this inside and safely locked up." Sara's back was turned and she was already headed to the door, but Sable heard her sister's last comments anyway. "And, of course, they would know it was coming. We all know when we approach a major nexus. It's hardwired into us and no amount of ignoring or suppressing our nature would stop the anxiety and wrongness that comes with impending fatality." Her long brown hair flowed outward, lifted by a shifting breeze, and then Sara pulled open the deck door to cut through the lounge and left Sable alone.

After wetting a finger, Sable held her hand up. There was no discernible draft or flow of air. She carefully packed up her scanner and the laser wand in her locking briefcase while thinking through what she had just seen. There was no real indication of a fingerprint scanner, but there were definitely appliques where Sara's fingers fit to the shaft of the wand. There was no way a weak LED or even a decent laser could transverse the grey sky all the way to the Shard and been randomly magnified into a large-scale projection, but Sara had definitely seen something and Sable was sure that the ghost images she saw were coherent enough to be visible in some context. But most importantly, there was the issue of her father's family and Sara's reaction to hearing that they were dead.

Sable had seen that look in her sister's eye in the past. There hadn't been enough delay for her mentally slower sister to really digest the information Sable had given her. Unless Sara had known. Unless, somehow, Sara had seen her aunt and cousins die. And the wafting of power her sister left in her wake was just more evidence that after all this time, Andrea had been right all along about her younger sibling. Sable was the warrior that her father had always wanted to be. But Sara was something else.

Sable carried the briefcase into the Executive Lounge and was surprised to see Sara waiting for her when she rounded the corner. The stainless steel elevator doors reflected a distorted image of her sister's lean build, and for a moment Sable suffered déjà vu. They had been in this hotel, in this very spot, so many times before. But there would come a time when Alexi would be standing here as well, and a broad shouldered man with thick glasses and a bushy beard would come around the corner...

Sable shivered in the presence of her sister's power and visions. Sara said it out loud just before the elevator chimed. "And then we fight or we run. They think that they are hunting you. Let's hope only our father can see me."

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Cherish Desire Ladies: Sable Cherish Desire Ladies: Sara

Sable & Sara
The Daughters of the Wulf are Fury & Freedom

Sable is the culmination of Tom's aggressive legacy. Largely raised by Alexi & Andrea, she inherited Ronin's rage and Tom's intense intellect. Now old enough to decide for herself what to do with her life, Sable embraces her violent nature and puts plenty of hurt on her various male sexual companions. A cunning adrenaline junkie, Sable's sadism may be a deliberate choice for self-preservation. Or something inherent in her bloodline that her half-sister seems convinced can be soothed away with sexual perversions.

From the start, Sara awoke as an altar for sexual appetites and sensual delights. She just didn't understand why. Her heritage was part of the answer, but her own joyful lust and fresh innocence was most of the equation. Daddy's baby girl grew up to discover his rich passions and delight in intimate acts that he only shared with Alexi & Andrea. Now Sara's blossoming and her family needs her to take her place alongside them in the coming storm. Will her lust and love balance out her sister's domination and sadism? Are her obsessions and unfettered lust indicative of darker secrets that only her father understands?

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"Sisters Of Light And Darkness (A Sable & Sara Story)"

When the dreams become real, when they take on physical meaning, Sara reaches out to her older sister. Sable may try to take sexual advantage of her sister, but acting out their mutual jealousy is tempered by their mothers’ concerns. After all, the ghosts of their father is speaking to them. [Includes: Implied Female Masturbation, D/s, Femdom, FF, Fingering & Fisting, Implied Dildo Play, Implied MF, Implied Group Sex, Implied Strap-on Sex, Tattoo, Vision]

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On the trail of the Wulf, his daughters discover the dangers of lust and obsession. Deception and desire take a disturbing twist when Sable and Sara stumble across the sexual appetites and sacrifices of Natashya. [Includes: FF, D/s, Female Masturbation, Fingering & Fisting, Dildo Play & Wearing, Sex Machine, Implied Bondage & Restraints, Pony Play, Equine, Implied MF, Implied Punishment Play]

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"I'll Always Be With You (A Sable & Sara Story)"

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"Object Confessions 24: Yes Consequences"

His simple "Yes" led to sexual perversions that she never anticipated. Her sadistic girlfriend takes full advantage of her sexual desires and accepts no limits. [Includes: FF, MF, Oral & Implied Vaginal & Anal Sex, Anal & Implied Vaginal Penetration, Dildo Play, Inflation Play (Saline), Uterus Dilation, Lactation & Pregnancy Play, Stretching, Double Penetration, Suction Play, Implied Equine, Implied Group Sex]

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