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Free Erotica Series: "Master And Mistress 2 (An Azure Story)"

Master And Mistress 2 (An Azure Story)

"Master And Mistress 2 (An Azure Story)" written by Max D with the Weiss Kitty

Her sweet Butterfly was nearly paralyzed by the fear of failure. Blindfolded and led into a room full of her Mistress’ friends, she had no choice but to do her best! [Includes: D/s, FF, Oral & Anal Sex, Fingering, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Strap-on Sex, Dildo Play & Wearing, Blindfold, Exhibitionism (Group), Tattoo, Implied Female Masturbation]

Enjoy "Master And Mistress 2 (An Azure Story)" written by Max D for free! Read online, download the PDF, or download eReader formats on Smashwords right now!

Featured Erotica from Very Dirty Stories #191

"Master And Mistress 2 (An Azure Story)" written by Max D

My name is not important. My Mistress and Master call me Butterfly. It's a cruel joke, but I deserved it. During my first time being put on display by my Mistress, I had to choose a safe word. I was too naive back then to know what I was picking had so many meanings and was such a recurring theme in BDSM settings. I don't think the safeword would have stuck as my name, but Ronin's little game of "Say your name or be punished" made my Mistress laugh, so Butterfly I am.

And while you might think this is a story about me, it's really about my Mistress. She knew Master Ronin long before I met her, and I was just one of many gifts that she has given him. Serving Ronin for her pleases my Mistress. I have a special place at her table - a spot reserved for the women who act out her will as a surrogate - and no matter how strange it might seem, it suits me. She is a feral feline, ferocious and strong, and I am a mouse doing her errands. With my cunt and ass. With my breasts and nipples. With my mouth, lips dragging over Ronin's chest and kissing him while he sleeps.

I'm her insurance that he doesn't call in what she owes him. Which, based on his tattoo on her lower abdomen, is everything. At the time, she thought their sloppy silliness at the tattoo parlour was just a game to him and a way to bring him closer to her. Only in later years has she realized how few women he allows to wear a link back to his reality, something that invests them with power and presence beyond their imagination, and something that has become increasingly recognizable as he begins to openly promote his religion of passionate sexuality and true gender equality while waging war on institutions and their rules.

This is not just about the changes I undertake for Master Ronin. This is not just about how he stretches me thin and pushes me past my limits. This is about my Mistress Azure. At the same time, it is about his mark, the sigil my Mistress earned without knowing what he meant by it, and which I covet for myself.

He teases me by using coloured markers to draw a butterfly over my clitoris and then embeds his sigil within it. I had never had another person's fingers in my pussy, never mind a man's cock, before Master Ronin. When his fingers took my virginity, when they breached my exclusive access to my molten sex, it was an act of intuition. We agreed the next morning, when I told him what had happened in a blissed out state after orgasming from his cock pounding my ass, that he would limit my pussy to his fingers, his fist, his cock, and his big dildos until I was comfortable with more.

That doesn't sound like much of a restriction, but Mistress Azure very much enjoyed showing off my sexy ass. She got first dibs, fucking me with her strap-on while I was cuffed to her living room table and then inviting half a dozen men to enjoy my bottom after. I know now that it was mostly just to impress the boys with how much bigger her silicon cock was when compared to their flesh and blood tools. I didn't know at the time that Master Ronin doesn't enjoy sharing women he is training, so I presumed he was gracefully allowing me the option to maintain the vestiges of my virginity while still making me his slut.

The closer I come to earning his mark, the sigil that I desire, the more I understand Master Ronin's complex passions. Restricting my pussy was actually just a means of setting boundaries so if I want a fling or pick up a boy after a night of drinking and dancing then my only option is to get my ass fucked. Master Ronin has a sense of humour - it's just very dark. And he's very possessive when training a slut to embrace her lust because it has cost him his investment of time and his heart more than once.

His jaded passions and complex emotions are why Master Ronin and Mistress Azure click. His dark sense of humour and her wry sense of amusement align their common interests. I've sat between them, each of us enjoying an ice slushie, and they banter easily about work, news, and sex scenes the same way some people talk about sports, fashion, and TV shows. Then Master Ronin will lean in close and ask me how cold my tongue is. And then Mistress Azure will lean in closer and ask how dry my ass is. I'm reduced to a quivering and trembling wreck just like that as they gently growl their demands while nuzzling my cheeks, and Master Ronin insists that I use the restroom to finish my slushie before we go back to his hotel. When I return, anyone watching thinks I'm shivering because the sun is setting and I appear to have chugged the last of my frozen dessert. Only Master Ronin and Mistress Azure know that I'm wearing latex panties to keep the frozen slush in my cunt and ass for their pleasure. Only they can tell me when it's ok to clean up so they can enjoy the way my pale skin has been stained by the cherry syrup. Only they strip me bare and idly toy with my sex while remarking how good I'd look with colourful tattoos transforming my pussy into a gilded altar for Master Ronin's pleasure.

It's hard to recall how it all began. The facts come easily enough with some thought, but emotionally and mentally I am in an entirely different world now. I had been Mistress Azure's anal slut for six months before I met Master Ronin. I learned from him that my Mistress doesn't enjoy receiving anal play so she happily inflicts it upon all her submissive women and men. Honestly, I only had myself to blame, and I was eager to please my Mistress even when she handed me a two and a half inch thick phallus that was nine inches long from glans to balls, and explained that she would test my ass a few times a week to see if I was preparing properly. It was a shock that left me electrified, and I was still stunned and trembling as I hid the big dildo in my dorm room that evening. When Mistress Azure texted me and reminded me that she expected results, the perversity of her demands rattled my cage and I almost told her that I couldn't. It was how she baited me, telling me that it'd be ok if I wasn't capable of mastering my own body, that had initially spurred my rebellious nature.

Mistress Azure took full advantage of my irrational compulsions. She punished me with my hairbrush, her hand, and her belt without exception each time I failed to meet her expectations. It still took two weeks just to get the thick cock head past my tight rosebud. With each stroke of her hand on my bare buttocks, Mistress Azure reminded me that I had asked for her sponsorship. My failures reflected on her dominance and mastery, and she encouraged me to quit if I wasn't up to the task at hand. The thick dildo burned whenever it penetrated my bottom and the aching lasted long after I took it out. After four weeks, I was almost entirely ready to give up when Mistress Azure asked me over to her house. I went, with her dildo in my backpack, expecting to beg her to release me and accept my failure without retribution.

Instead, my Mistress was waiting for me and opened the door with an evil grin. I was undone, already shaking, and she beckoned for me to give her a hug. As her lips caressed mine, I sensed the terrible purpose that she represented as well as the comfort and care she offered as a reward for my submission. Her breath tickled my ear as she ordered me to come in and undress. My toes were tingling as her tongue moistened my ear lobe. "Don't disappoint me," she murmured with another kiss, "I know you're the one."

I don't know why I did as I was told, but I kicked off my shoes without making any attempt to reject her hold over me. My Mistress' outstretched hands were waiting as I took off my t-shirt, jeans, and then my bra and panties. I shivered against her generous breasts as Mistress Azure pulled a blindfold over my head and gave me a reassuring hug. I was shaking as she led me down her hallway and we came closer and closer to the murmur of men and women talking and laughing. I was frightened and excited... I still don't have a word for that feeling, but it was like being caught between heaven and hell and knowing you want both simultaneously.

She whispered, "It'll be ok. If you feel unsafe or need a break then say your safeword." She paused, stroked my arm, and asked, "What is your safeword?" Her curiosity stands out now, as I reflect on her words, because I get the feeling that my Mistress ordinarily established safewords very early on with her special pets and projects.

The tingling in my belly - something between anxiety and arousal - cued my response. "Butterfly," I whispered and turned toward the sound of her breathing. Mistress Azure kissed me over and over again, plunging into my mouth and teasing my tongue, and I was blushing as my perky nipples led the way while my Mistress walked me into her living room.

I had had a few boyfriends previously that had tried to finger me, but I had pushed their eager hands away from my prize. When Mistress Azure introduced me as her anal slut, I tripped over my own feet and strong hands caught me before I could fall on my face. I'll never forget her words, her clarification, for the men and women that I couldn't see because of my blindfold. "My anal slut. I will cut off anything that dares even try to penetrate her precious cunt. Now be gentle because I want her to have an amazing time. Let's start with your tongue, Irina." With a gentle squeeze from the hands supporting me, I was led to a couch and barely had time to sit down before wet kisses began flowing over my hip.

Face down, one leg hanging off the side of the couch cushions, I shivered when a tongue teased and probed my puckered rosebud. After so much rough attention, my body didn't know how to handle such tender affection. My legs had to be held down so I wouldn't kick, but I squirmed and wriggled while gasping. A firm hand stroked my shoulders and kept me from falling off the couch. Between my cheeks, a woman with a Russian accent murmured, "Just a little ticklish," and then she plunged into the cleft of my buttocks and tormented me with her enthusiastic licking.

My Mistress cheered my first intense orgasm. I never told her that Irina had dared to include my labia as part of her oral performance. As my first new lover was replaced with a man whose two fingers began to massage and stretch my ass open, I didn't care. I was already adrift and high as a kite thanks to an orgasm like none I'd ever experienced playing with myself. I didn't come back down to earth until my Mistress fit the familiar head of my black dildo against my tight bottom and commanded me to ride her cock.

Her warnings nearly paralyzed me because I knew that my failure would be total. Daring to whisper as my chest ached with worry, I forced my bottom onto that swollen glans and murmured, "Please, Mistress, don't stop." One of her hands took hold of my hip, and my ass ached as the rounded cock head pushed my pucker inward. Buttocks clenching, body twisting, I thought for a moment that I would fail and be humiliated in front of all these strangers. Instead, wet fingers took hold of my face, and Irina told me what I needed to hear. "Your ass belongs to our Mistress. There is no escape." Though she spoke softly to encourage me to let go of my fear, it was her Russian accent and choice of words which dispelled my panic.

She was right after all. Whether I squirmed or wiggled or writhed, Mistress Azure would not allow me to embarrass her. The moment she stripped me naked and plucked my black dildo from my backpack, my fate had been decided. The soft kisses, the amazing orgasm, the practiced massage, and the soothing fingering were all just rewards for my acceptance of her power over me. My ass was going to be fucked as hard and as deep as my Mistress desired. I was her anal slut, and I would never be anything less than that. Not because I chose it. Because Mistress Azure told me that was what I needed to be.

The burning was almost unbearable, but I pushed back as best I could. The metal rings on her strap-on harness clicked as I deliberately moved my ass from side to side to try to spread myself open. The wet fingers slipped to my lips, pushed into my mouth, and I licked the taste of my own ass from Irina's hand as my Mistress had her way with my bottom. I'd never had a cock in my pussy, and in my ignorance I presumed it would hurt and burn so much worse. So I worked even harder, grinding onto my black dildo, believing that I was getting off easy.

Other hands caressed my body as Mistress Azure's forceful thrusts slowed to a gentle tugging within my belly. Moist lips and sharp teeth explored my pale skin, and I was surrounded and being devoured, all while my ass was split open and aching from the thorough fucking I deserved. Fingers pinched my nipples, nails clawed at my ribs, and Irina held my head and whispered foreign words and sounds to seduce me into a sexual trance. I was slipping away, the inferno within my ass igniting waves of heat followed by lightning and numbness, and only one thing was real and never in doubt.

Mistress Azure's hand never left my hip. Her fingers periodically squeezed and kneaded my soft flesh. Over and over again, while aching and soaring, her touch reminded me that I was hers. Even with a hundred mouths and hands stroking and devouring me, I was intimately and entirely my Mistress' pet. Her anal slut being fucked for unknown strangers to see.

I'd be lying if I said that she was pleased with my performance. When the party ended, when Irina led the last attendee from the house, my blindfold was finally removed. It had slipped several times so I had seen hands, legs, feet, and Irina's fingers up close, but I had no idea who had seen me naked, taken advantage of my body, or now knew I was submissive to Azure. My eyes searched the room, trying to fill in the gaps, and the pretty Russian just shook her head. She wore lace topped stockings and a garter belt, and her labia looked long and swollen.

"Eyes," Mistress Azure commanded while sitting on the couch. I looked down as I had been trained to do while kneeling in front of her legs. "You will grease up your ass and ride this dildo every day. It will go all the way in, until you are sitting on the floor with it between your cheeks, over and over again, because you are my anal slut." She cupped my chin in her hand, but I didn't dare move because her disapproval was a rumbling displeasure that tainted each word falling from her lips. "If you do not live up to my expectations a second time then I will send Irina to deal with you. After that, I don't think you will consider fucking your ass to be anything less than a delightful pleasure."

"I... I don't understand..." I was shaking and stammering while fighting the urge to see where the Russian woman had gone. When fingers caressed my back and she slipped into place behind me, I was absolutely terrified.

Blowing a soft kiss to the back of my neck, Mistress Azure's enforcer whispered, "You don't mind if I see your dorm room tonight, do you? I know your roommate won't be back for a few days." I was so frightened that I almost peed on the floor. Only the thought of being forced to lick up my mess kept my bladder from letting go. "Having someone else wearing the dildo as a strap-on is something you need to get used to." Her Russian accent coiled around my throat, held me fast, and she checked her instructions with my Mistress. "This same tiny one, right? Nothing bigger?"

In real life, Irina is both smart and compassionate. She was trying to help me calm down without angering Azure by coddling me. After all, the same dildo I'd been playing with for weeks was no real threat. Staying with me was putting her out not me, and meant I had company for when I emotionally crashed after such an intense scene. She's not very fond of cuddling, but her closeness was meant to make me feel comforted rather than intimidated. Years later we could laugh about how Irina deliberately thickened her native accent to tease Azure's guests, but at the time I thought she was a murderer just waiting for passing clouds to blot out the moon so she could toss my lifeless body in a dumpster without being seen.

Of course, Irina had more specific reasons for being nice. She knew Master Ronin, and one look at me made it clear that I was his type. Mistress Azure would have let me go after a semester or two, but I was being prepared as a gift for her special companion. I think Irina would have warned me off, but she was there when I first met my Master. There wasn't a hint of love at first sight or any silly romantic attachment. Irina watched as Ronin touched me, saw how I responded to him with need and lust, and knew I was his. Something she could never allow herself to enjoy no matter how hard Azure tried to force the connection between the Russian beauty and the furious wulf.

The streets seemed distant and unfamilir on the walk from Mistress Azure's house. I felt the need to be as quiet as possible on the way back to my dormitory, dressed yet feeling naked, with the silent Russian woman by my side. I signed her in. I led her to my door. I let her into my dorm room. We went straight to my bedroom where she kicked off her shoes. "Well?" she shrugged.

Not knowing Irina well enough to grasp her intentions, I stripped naked, took out my jar of vaseline, and got on my belly in my bed. She said nothing while taking out two latex gloves, grabbing a towel from my clothes hamper, and then pulling my big dildo from my backpack.

Resting it on my lower back, Irina asked, "Is this what you really want?" She was waiting, and I didn't understand why.

Trying to be as respectful as I could, I answered, "Yes, Mistress Irina. Please fuck my ass so Mistress Azure will be pleased." Her soft laugh made me shiver as I thought it was inspired by cruelty rather than the ridiculous assumptions I was making. "Please, Mistress... I'll do anything you need."

With an amused, "Hrumph," Irina pulled off her clothes and opened up the vaseline. "Ok. You're going to lick my pussy as good as I tongued your ass though. And this," she picked up the sex toy off my back, "stays in your ass for two hours at a time until you are used to wearing it. That should cut down on your reflexive clenching." After that she was all business, murmuring to herself while using two fingers to pack my ass with lube and then sliding in place behind me.

"Mistress," I whispered softly as the wide glans pushed between my cheeks, "was I good tonight?"

With a hard shove, the glans and first few inches of the shaft charged into my ass as I lurched forward into my pillows. "You will be better." Irina mercilessly drove the dildo deeper, forcing it into the depths of my bottom, and then added, "The trick is going so quickly you can't think about resisting. That's why our Mistress goes so slowly."

I'd never tasted sweeter pussy than hers. After forcing my ass to accept all nine inches of the big black cock toy, she left it in and sat on my pillows while I lapped at her shaved labia. It's impossible to describe how good it felt, knowing - perversely - that I had earned the pleasure of playing with the beautiful pussy in front of me by allowing my bottom to be properly fucked and stuffed. I was still terrified of Irina, but now I felt that I could prove myself to her. I would be her anal slut all weekend and practice licking her pussy and following her instructions so she could tell Mistress Azure how hard I was trying to be good.

Six months seems like a long time, but, when Master Ronin took ownership of my pussy, I was still getting used to that first dildo from Mistress Azure. The daily struggle and feverish sense of accomplishment that accompanied playing with my Mistress' black cock prepared me well for what Master enjoyed. Irina's coaching helped immensely as well, but I didn't recognize that at the time. Unlike my Mistress, he was bound by no rules and even made fun of my attempts to top from the bottom. At the same time though, Master Ronin's kindness was in stark contrast with Mistress Azure's cruelty. He cared - passionately - and that caring extended to me. I fell into a trance, delightfully desired and happily complying with demands that reshaped my definition of sexuality, and my Mistress and Master guided me in their unique ways toward something beautiful and amazing.

How would you tempt him? Azure's got a few ideas!

Cherish Desire Ladies: Azure

She's showing off her power and dominance to get what she wants.

Ronin's suggestions fit right in with Azure's enjoyment of body modifications. Comfortable with her metal decorations, working up to more intimate piercings for the persistent stimulation is definitely acceptable. Why not see how stretching her pussy and bottom goes with Ronin's big dildos as well then? Ronin's aggression is a good match her Azure's need for intensity, but her switch play places Azure in confrontation with his desires for her submission. Showing off her power and dominance is as important to Azure as Ronin breaking her with another massive dildo before flogging her for his pleasure. Good thing she can find sexy surrogate submissives to keep Ronin's hunger sated and make up for the way she pegs her boy toys with the dildo gifts Ronin gave her to train with. Unfortunately that approach can backfire when Ronin takes more interest in Azure's pets than her.

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Her Mistress’ strap-on demands her submission. To impress Master Ronin, she will be expected to do so much more! [Includes: D/s, Bondage & Restraints, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Double Penetration, Fingering, Strap-on Sex, Dildo Play, Double Penetration, Implied Female Masturbation, Implied Tattoo & Piercing, Implied Stretching]

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Was Azure his least obedient submissive? Or had Master Ronin always intended for her to become his dark disciple and force others to submit to her will? [Includes: MF, Vaginal Sex, Implied Dildo Play, Tattoo & Piercing, Rough Sex, D/s, Femdom, Submissive Male, Bondage & Restraints, Pegging, Strap-On Sex, Breath Play]

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Her sweet Butterfly was nearly paralyzed by the fear of failure. Blindfolded and led into a room full of her Mistress' friends, she had no choice but to do her best! [Includes: D/s, FF, Oral & Anal Sex, Fingering, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Strap-on Sex, Dildo Play & Wearing, Blindfold, Exhibitionism (Group), Tattoo, Implied Female Masturbation]

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