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Free Erotica Series: "Bear Truths (A Judith Story)"

Bear Truths (A Judith Story)

"Bear Truths (A Judith Story)" written by Max D

Erik’s one night stand from a Berlin nightclub turns out to be more than his match. One admonishment from Judith leaves him bleeding and uncomfortable visiting Berlin again. [Includes: MF, Shapeshifter, Vaginal Sex, Biting & Clawing]

Enjoy "Bear Truths (A Judith Story)" written by Max D for free! Read online, download the PDF, or download eReader formats on Smashwords right now!

Featured Erotica from Very Wicked Dirty Stories #141

"Bear Truths (A Judith Story)" written by Max D

She curled up against me, satisfied and warm, and I let her drift off to sleep. I had a very limited idea of who she was and what she was about. A name, some references to places, and a feeling for her passions. All I cared about was a notion: a belief that she belonged here, next to me, for the moment.

People rarely consider the duality they project onto bears. Slumbering giant of the forests, cave dweller hibernating through the cold months, living off what he can catch or pluck, tipping over trees trying to scratch an itch in the middle of his back... combined with bellowing giant, raging and roaring with wicked claws to grasp and tear, the bulk to smash down whatever stands in his way, and unreasoning violence directed toward anything dumb enough to wander into his territory. Bears are the cuddly stuffed animals we give to children to comfort them and also the enormous monsters whose shadows terrify us.

I'm somewhere in the middle. At any given moment I'm both of those things emotionally, but my caring and savagery run much deeper than people suspect. I think during those quiet times, when we are completely still and deep within our caves, we merge with the earth itself. It steadies us and makes us whole. It reaffirms our nature while removing the very human urge to seek an audience and display ourselves. We rise with a sense for the paths that are unfolding around us, the possible futures that draw us to them, and even see glimpses of moments to come.

So that irrational notion, that this petite blonde should be curled up next to me, fit into a pattern of puzzle pieces that always hovered on the edge of my awareness. She was just a distraction though. A pleasant comfort offered as bait to encourage me to ignore the threats that pressed in on all sides. A sedative to mitigate my natural inclination to strike first. It's funny how the world works. If it can't destroy you directly then it offers you something that will help you destroy yourself.

I stroked her bare shoulder and felt the softness that lingered between us. She must have been in her early twenties. Full of life and possibilities. She just needed something... or a bit more of everything perhaps. She was looking for that in the usual places. I discovered her where alcohol and chemicals flowed freely. Self-exploration was all about imbibing in substances back then. Really... over the last few decades. No point in deceiving myself. Humanity was on a persistent rush to find something to help it mentally and emotionally escape the prison it has built for itself. Our kind was always looking for the intensity that we need to tame our primal hungers. Things could get very messy, but somehow we survived in close company.

Our kind. I'm not entirely certain that I know what that means. We get sucked into all the usual human circuses and distractions. We spend so much time just trying to be normal, just blaming ourselves for being different, that we don't understand what we are or try to deny the truth. Our hungers accumulate and grow inside of us, a ravenous monster that we like to pretend will go away, and then one day it consumes us whole. From there... we go down the spiral into madness. Seeking anything with sufficient intensity to shatter the false dream life that we wander through. Pursuing the adrenaline that purges us of the toxicity of urban life and evokes the bestial nature that we try to suppress. It's a disaster. Worse. I've been surrounded by my own kind for decades without knowing a thing because we were all drawn to the same sorts of extreme experiences, but we don't know one another or ourselves.

How I've made it this far is dumb luck as best as I can tell.

The way she says her name rolls off her lips in lullaby German, but no matter how many times she says "Judith" with the very soft second syllable, I see "Snow." I've always been wired to picture words in my mind's eye when listening to things. It's so natural that I had to try very hard to use her real name in public. She stirred in her sleep while I was thinking. She turned, the curve of her hip pushing into my pelvis, and she smacked my cheek while stretching with a big yawn. Her big brown eyes blinked slowly, and her hands felt out the edges of my torso. When she rolled all the way into me, there was heat in her lips and moisture where her sex brushed against my leg. It's always this way with us when we are young. Consistently in need and hungry.

My mouth moved over her cheek, and I nuzzled and nipped her pale skin. The moonlight filled my bedroom with a soft glow that was bright enough for me to see every detail. She was flushed and blushing, aware of her nakedness and her wet labia, and I made her comfortable underneath me before plunging into her with a single deep thrust. Her hands held my hips, and I could sense that she was holding back while I ground into her moist heat. "Go ahead," I encouraged her. When I withdrew from her warm embrace, she continued to hesitate, but my next thrust speared into her belly and her claws tore at the meat of my thighs in response.

I licked her cheek and then began hammering in and out of her. She felt good. Warm, ready, wet... My body shifted without warning. Judith tugged on something ancient within me, and I could feel my chest expanding. I pressed my paws into the bed, and my arms tingled as cool air flowed over the tips of my fur. She was changing, too. Her white fur was glossy in the moonlight. Her purity contrasted with the rich browns and blacks of my pelt, and I felt the difference between us. I felt uncharacteristically lessened by her magnificence. I felt irrationally threatened by her importance.

Resentment and anger welled up within me. I've never felt so provoked outside of a physical altercation. She pushed into me, her meager shoves nothing compared to my power, but I roared with rage anyway. She was dangerous. She was the enemy. She was...

Her small paw batted my snout, and her eyes ensnared me. "Behave," she whispered and sucked the air from my lungs. I felt weak and dizzy as I collapsed into a heap beside her. A soft mist of moonlight lingered on my skin and seemed to steal my strength.

"What the hell..." I murmured and fought to get up. I felt so drained and ridiculously naked. "Sorry. Don't know what came over me." There was blood on the sheets - my blood - and when I licked my upper lip there was more blood streaming from my broken nose.

Judith just looked at me with a grin. "I've had bigger bears than you." She rolled her eyes. "C'mon, let's get you cleaned up. I want to go out to the park tonight and enjoy the full moon." She tugged on my forearm, but everything felt broken and dead within me. There were whispers in my ear, voices detached from everything, and memories flooded my heart with icy cold stillness.

"I'm really not feeling well," I whispered. I couldn't even cover myself up. Why was I so lethargic? What made me so weak? I was racing through the sequence of events, hunting for any hint of being poisoned or any warning signs, but my head was foggy and I couldn't manage it. There was a brief pulse of rage - my nature trying to assert itself and save me - but then darkness took me and I fell into a pit that closed over top of me.

In the dreaming, I was lost. A graveyard in a forest, the trees wet and heavy with rain, loomed all around me and the ground swallowed the sound of my footsteps while the cold mists stole my breath away. She was there, inside of me, and her hands were soft as she tugged me along rough pathways. We went deeper, further into the soft grey shadowed depths of that hallowed place, and I could hear the rushing of a river nearby. Everything seemed distant and illusory - there was no scent and colour was splashed about arbitrarily. There were no seasons but I could sense the weight of Fall and the impending fertility of Spring commingled together. The only definite sensation was the pressure on my hand, and my heart raced with fear.

"I know this place," I murmured but only frost came from my mouth. My hands were broken and crumpled, my fingers crushed and withered with decrepitude, and I stared at them in shock while the forest moved around me and then faded away. She stood there, so pure and dreamy cloaked in ermine fur, and behind her was the cave that I remembered from dreams going all the way back to my early childhood.

I fell to my knees, terrified of this place and this dream, but she didn't seem to understand. "I loved him so much," she whispered and I felt her hope and loss rend the flesh from my bones. In their place, other things restored me. The moonlight beside the mountains and the sun dappling the forest floor. The mantle of stone that hardened my limbs and the flow of rivers that pulsed within my veins. The heat of searing winds and open flames and the whisper of voices on the stirring breeze and ocean waves. The world poured into me, and I fell into the solitude of earth writhing in pain and agony that defined life.

I didn't know what was happening. All my fears were realized in that place. I tried to reach out to her, but she was gone. The bed was cold, and it was painful to be aware of my own body. Only hurt remained when I finally mastered the fear that had consumed me. I was lost in the beating pulse of pain.

And then voices drifted through the room. "Who is he?" a gruff man asked in German. If I had known the answer then I would have replied. "Where did you meet him?" I waited for the response but there was still another question. "What did you do to him, Judith? He is hurt very, very badly."

I saw "Snow" in ice cold whites and blues flash across my eyelids. I knew that name. She was so pretty. Her pale skin and how she moved with delicate grace on the dance floor. But it wasn't right. He said a different word. He said "Judith." Where did "Snow" come from? I felt the anger again, coiling inside my belly, and I knew that I was alive. All the times that I have been hurt; all the times I have taken that final swan dive - my anger and rage, so long as it lingers, always brings me back.

They were close enough for me to scent them with my tongue. He was big and older. She was definitely the young twenty-something that I had picked up at the club. I played dumb, but he saw through it. "I know you can hear me. You're weak and broken. I don't know why." His admission was strange. It rolled off his mouth with whispers of words that he didn't say but meant more than what he intended. There was possibility in his statement that flickered across my expanding awareness. Colours and shapes lingered in the quiet spaces hinting at broad omissions.

I didn't move. I didn't need to. He could read my response. I was detaching from the situation. Whatever was going on, I wanted no part of it. Judith was talking, but her words were distant and made no sense. I was sinking again, into confusion and dark turbulent waters, and the door closed behind them.

I thought I heard him say, "If I leave you here then you will heal on your own. Maybe you will go to sleep. Maybe you will not return." I might have imagined that. When I woke up several hours later to grey mid-morning light flooding my room, I was feverish and quite obviously ill. I'd been traveling for months with only three weekend trips back to my townhouse in America. Some kind of nasty European flu bug had obviously weakened me and made me vulnerable to a respiratory infection. Luckily, I was able to hop from Berlin to London, get meds, and only lost four days of work. During the week of the spring equinox our project at the bank went into the queue for live promotion once the Easter holiday hold was over, and I went home for the holiday and only made occasionally trips until summer.

I never forgot Judith. When I went back to Berlin nine months later, the club that I met her at had changed formats and all of the locals there were urban yobs who had nothing to do with the dark crowd of grufties and cybertanz folks that I'd run into before. Knowing how much the world can change whenever I get ill, I just presumed that I'd hopped from one reality to another again. I chalked the whole episode up to another past life.

I was wrong. I never felt comfortable on my own in Berlin again. When I had to return, Berlin was always different. It existed in a state of flux, and I dreaded turning a street corner and stepping into an overgrown cemetery and finding her there.

Hope? Her heart is the last chance for lost passions.

Cherish Desire Ladies: Judith, The Bear

Every age pulses with the desires of shapeshifters.

As the bears gather in the grassy meadows of Tiergarten in Berlin, a storm of passion and rage gathers overhead. Tangled up in events of the past and hurtling toward an uncertain future, Judith finds her comfort in the arms of an ancient bear. But her burden is great, and the pale bear is pursuing love and affection to fill the void left in her heart after being abandoned as a child. Admissions of love and vows of vengeance mark the twisted path of the bears while wolves and ravens linger in plain sight, and Judith embodies their troubled beating heart.

Plunge into another shapeshifter story!

Cherish Desire Divinations: "The Lioness (The Complete Four Part Series) featuring Heather"

A life spent repressing his nature is undone when the bears of Hamburg strike. Then Erik must make a choice: rally his strength with his lioness and a fiery elemental crush, or accept that he’s beaten and succumb to his wounds. His lioness will take credit for motivating a speedy recovery with licks and bites, but the heat of their passion is stoked by the presence of Helene’s warm fires. [Includes: Shapeshifter, MF, MFF, Vaginal & Oral & Anal Sex, Rough Sex, Female Masturbation, Fingering & Fisting, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Double Penetration, Stretching, Blood Play, Needle Play, Implied Bondage]

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YueMei discovers that London has beasts that tempt her lust. A chance encounter with Ronin and his lioness becomes so much more when she experiences the phantom sensations of his thrusting fist. [Includes: MF, Shapeshifter, Paranormal, Vaginal & Oral & Implied Anal Penetration, Fingering & Implied Fisting, Biting & Clawing, Rough Sex, Bondage & Restraints]

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"Bear Truths (A Judith Story)"

Erik's one night stand from a Berlin nightclub turns out to be more than his match. One admonishment from Judith leaves him bleeding and uncomfortable visiting Berlin again. [Includes: MF, Shapeshifter, Vaginal Sex, Biting & Clawing]

"The Wulf's Shadow (An Alexi & Andrea Story)"

In Andrea's arms, Tom can enjoy her lust and her desire while she shows off her readiness for his pleasure. What Tom can't explain is the darkness and knowledge that has returned within him and the urgent need to protect his family. [Includes: MF, Vaginal & Oral & Anal Sex, Implied Dildo Play & Wearing, Implied Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Fingering & Fisting & Double Fisting, Implied MFF, Implied Equine, Implied Shapeshifter]

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