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Free Erotica Series: "All The Prince’s Men 1: Her Specialty (A Miez Story)" written by Max D with the Weiss Kitty

All The Prince’s Men 1: Her Specialty (A Miez Story)

"All The Prince’s Men 1: Her Specialty (A Miez Story)" written by Max D with the Weiss Kitty

Every dominant woman has a guilty pleasure or two. Miez enjoys the trembling of a man’s tender virginity longing to be bent to her will. [Includes: FM, Vaginal & Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Bondage & Restraints, D/s, Femdom, Virgin]

Enjoy "All The Prince’s Men 1: Her Specialty (A Miez Story)" written by Max D with the Weiss Kitty for free! Read online, download the PDF, or download eReader formats on Smashwords right now!

Featured Erotica from Very Dirty Stories #181

"All The Prince’s Men 1: Her Specialty (A Miez Story)" written by Max D with the Weiss Kitty

She had an overexuberant joy when it came to corrupting the men who adored and lusted after her. They had to be judged worthy of her attention, of course, and she cast aside the rabble with their unfortunate one-liners and failure to recognize her superiority. For many years, her long fingers had beckoned, and she had invited the chosen to enjoy their first taste of her lips. Then she left it up to them and let them seduce themselves while feverishly desiring her sexy assets. She specialized in virgins; they provided the roaring thrill of conquest that stroked her ego with the tender, anxious, trembling lust that soothed her heart.

They would long for a glimpse of her perfect bottom. They would pine for the passing caress of her fingers dragged over their skin. They would pout with desperate need, rejoice when she praised their attentions, and struggle with hiding their physical response to her body. She watched them squirm and grow stiff when she intentionally brought up sexual topics in casual discussions. She invited them to sit beside her, deliberately making too little room on her comfy couch so they had to squeeze in close, and then pretended a silly movie or her television dramas had her full attention while they suffered terribly from being pressed against her body and yet too inhibited to make the first move.

In the end, they realized that she had always been there, encouraging and coaxing them to surrender their sexuality for her pleasure, and the rewards were substantial. Her passions ran deep through the jagged straits of her personalities, and her sense of gender was both fluid and accommodating. She wanted them to want her so badly that, in the moment of consummation, the sexual union was a spiritual epiphany. When her men discovered that she was accessible and interested, then it was just a matter of training them to become the instruments and extensions of her divine mandate. She was a Prince. More importantly, she was their Prince.

Except for one man, but he was more monster than human and that is another story. Every Prince enjoys consorting with dragons and beasts after a lifelong struggle to master their own nature. It's not surprising that she attracted exceptional attention, and she happily explored her options. Being a Prince put on her equal footing with the great terrors of the world, but that didn't mean she didn't have much to learn about how to seduce them as well. It was an interesting challenge.

Before she knew him though, Miez enjoyed her simple pleasures without a second thought. In her kitty ears, a comfortable black t-shirt, and a cozy pair of Jack Skellington leggings, she was the perfect sexy kitten when she smiled at her new pet, Rhys. "It's getting late, I'm going to call it a night," she purred while rising from the sofa and turning off the TV. His eyes followed her every move as she stretched her tired limbs, knowing that she was deliberately accentuating her sleek body, ruffled her short purple hair with her long fingers, and smirked at his unwavering stare. "Goodnight, loser," she whispered as she leaned over him and delivered a quick kiss to his thin lips.

Her pet remained seated, shocked and speechless, as his kitty skipped away while giggling. Rhys had spent so very long imagining and hoping for such an intimate gift, weeks wondering what it would feel like to have her lips upon his, but her sudden kiss was more of an intrusion upon his personal space than the romantic ideal that he had mentally rehearsed over and over. He stayed on the sofa, sitting in disbelief, running his hands through his brown hair, and wondering why she had chosen now. He searched his memories, looking for any clue, and trying to discern a sign or a hint that he should have noticed earlier so he would anticipate the opportunity that had just slipped away from him.

At first, there was nothing obvious. They had spent what had become a very normal and routine evening together. Miez had invited him to sit beside her, once again making him squeeze between the sofa arm and her thigh, and teased Rhys with a gentle "Oomph" when he pressed against her body. The films had been the usual fare - 90s comedies, American cultural humour, and general silliness - that he'd grown accustomed to when she selected the movies. He had tried, more forcefully during their first few date nights, to introduce her to serious films. Her response had not been encouraging. "We'll watch those if I ever go to your house," she had dully replied after he delivered a rousing speech on the merits of European films and supporting independent and artistic endeavours outside of the reach of the Hollywood machine, and her dismissal and lack of enthusiasm had hammered home a point that Rhys had not initially appreciated: her house; her rules; her movies. So, once again, they sat together watching films until the early hours while she laughed and repeated her favorite lines out loud in an uncanny imitation of the actors and actresses, and he tried to watch the movie despite the distraction of her warm body fidgeting and rocking against him.

At some point, his kitty had wriggled her way onto his lap. It had seemed so innocent at the time. She went to the kitchen for a drink, and Rhys had stretched out on the sofa. With a single look upon her return, pursed lips and shake of her head, his kitten had punished him for escaping his containment zone beside the sofa arm. Pinning his legs to the cushions and then pushing back until her bottom was against his upper thighs, Miez sat on him. Despite her lean build, his kitten seemed to know exactly how to exert her presence upon him to pinch off circulation to his legs while daring him to complain. He didn't. He couldn't. For the rest of the movie, she happily wriggled on his lap and accompanied every outburst of laughter with light smacks to his ribs. Eventually she pushed him back further, pressing her feet into the end of the sofa and crushing his pelvis until he moved, so Rhys ended up seated with his back against the sofa arm.

Trapped beneath her, he spent the next movie trying to suppress his increasing arousal. The soft curves of her bum were fit into the cradle of his pelvis, and Miez's usual fidgeting was a diabolic test of his willpower. By mid-film, he was almost entirely consumed with failing to calm his erection, and the soft scent of her purple hair haunted him with each breath. He distracted himself, trying to decide if she was tempting his lust purposely or merely being her usual playful self without considering the consequences of her proximity. The fact that she had deliberately pressed her way into his lap had initially been a surprise, but his mind went tumbling into abyss when she stayed perched in the cradle of his thighs for over an hour.

The urge to touch her had been so intense. Every motion of her body had triggered a response that stiffly twitched beneath her bottom while he closed his hands in tight fists in an effort to stop the flow of blood to his loins. She was right there, and he so very much needed to touch her and stroke his fingers all over her body. He had no idea what happened in the movie. His entire world had become her every wiggle, slapping caress, and deep breath. Just remembering the warmth of her body pressed against his and her laughter vibrating against his erection threatened to unleash the lust of his swollen and throbbing manhood. He hadn't known what to do. That's what the kiss was for. He was sure of it. His kitten had known how turned on he was all along and appreciated him being a gentleman and containing his dark urges. It was just movies. Some part of him was so happy to embrace the innocent explanation, but another part of him was deflating. Why did he do this to himself? He wanted so much but she seemed very much out of his reach.

Listening closely for Rhys, Miez changed into something more comfortable to sleep in: panties, a loose t-shirt, and nothing else. He was still downstairs, probably exactly as she left him, and her lips remembered his while she wet them with the darting tip of her tongue. She tucked herself into bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about how far she could push Rhys until he couldn't take it anymore. She anticipated that watershed moment, when he had to act on the impulses he had suppressed, and she happily trembled under her blankets.

Miez couldn't deny that she got a kick out of teasing him. After all, it was what she was best at: making guys squirm over how much they wanted her. Rhys was, by far, her favourite squirmer. The longer he battled to contain himself, the greater the potential fireworks when he finally released his passions. The very thought of his heated desires pressed into her body was enough to warm her bed, and Miez closed her eyes while pondering when he'd finally lose control.

A quick time check confirmed that he was stuck waiting out a couple of hours alone until the buses were running again so he could get home. It wasn't the first time he'd slept on Miez's sofa, but he wished things were different anyway. Rhys pulled off his shirt and stretched out while listening to the initial rustling noise coming from upstairs. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly while the sound of her bed springs provoked a frustrated sigh. Hand tugging on his mussed hair, Rhys couldn't help wondering what would happen if he were to go upstairs and slide into bed beside her. He imagined her room, stuffed animals arranged on every surface and watching his every move, and he knew they would understand. They were the lucky ones - cuddled close to her chest at night, perfectly seated to adore her lovely body in the morning, and silently approving of her sexy outfits all day long. As the house fell silent, Rhys mentally battled across a scarred landscape that had only expanded with each new urge inspired by his kitten. He went back and forth in his mind about all the things that he longed to do with her. His body responded, shaking from the need to express his desire, and no amount of scolding and sternly commanding himself to resist temptation worked. His frustration reached the breaking point; he stood up without looking back at the sofa where it had all begun; and Rhys marched to the stairs with his face twisted with self-doubt and determination.

He wanted her to understand. He needed her to give in. His hand lingered on the banister railing, and he almost turned and fled into the early morning darkness that lurked outside. Swallowing hard, he took the first step. The second step was easier. The third step was a commitment. Still unsure of himself, Rhys made his way up the stairs quietly. He was determined to finally taste the forbidden fruit. He was committed to at least try. He was hopeful that she would welcome his sheepish grin with a smile.

His kitten listened carefully to his uncertain footsteps and moved over in her bed to make sure there was enough room for Rhys to squeeze in beside her. She wanted to lay in wait and pounce her adorable pet, but instead she stayed still and silent as he cautiously pushed her door open. Rhys stood half a step within her room, staring in the half darkness at the long form of her body beneath the blankets, and nearly lost his nerve when she rolled over to face him.

Giggling, his kitten whispered, "Oh, have you come to keep me warm?" Her purred moan stirred the heat in his chest, and Rhys was undone as she lifted the covers and beckoned for him to join her. "Just promise not to snore okay?" Her pet nodded, and she smiled warmly as he fought the urge to sprint to her side. He was subtly shaking as he slowly approached her bed, but it was the hard throbbing of his cock that had her attention in the faint street light that always spilled in through her window. Miez said nothing about his blatant bulge, of course. He was so close to understanding her intentions, and words would spoil the tenderness of his sexual need.

His hands swept over the sheets, unconsciously checking for some invisible barrier, and her fingers stroked his forearm and tugged him closer. He was stiff and awkward, plunged into uncertainty as he tried to guess at what he was supposed to do, and the most he managed was slipping his arm around her after getting into bed. She reached down and tugged the blankets up, a perfect excuse for cuddling closer to his chest, and rested her head on his shoulder. His heart was racing, but he was quiet and made an effort to appear relaxed and calm. Fighting a burst of happy giggles, his kitten ran her hand across his face. Her fingertips caressed his cheek and traced the edge of his brow while she tucked her head under his chin. Her warmth breath licked his neck, and he couldn't hide the tightness in his chest as her hand slowly scouted the curve of his jaw, slipped to his shoulder, and then stroked over his chest and ribs. Rhys stopped breathing, and Miez pushed her hand down to his hip while carefully studying his frozen resistance to her touch.

"Good night," her seductive moan was perfectly delivered to his ear, and she attempted to turn away from him before Rhys could respond. He sighed with frustration, unwilling to let her lean body escape, and moved with her while wrapping his other arm around Miez's waist. His hand tingled with the desperate urge to explore every inch of her body, but he limited himself to holding her close and lingering in the warm covers while contemplating hours of sacrificed sleep just to stay awake like this with her so amazingly close to him.

She didn't make it easier on her pet. With his arm around her, she had the perfect excuse to writhe and wriggle against him some more. The soft curves of her backside pressed against her pet, and she pretended to be unable to fall asleep. Her frustrated moans and exaggerated sighs electrified him, and Miez knew that this was going to be the night that she had waited for. Fingers linking into his, she slowly guided his hand over her torso. He shivered and shook as his palm was pressed against the rounded curve of her breast, and she let his touch linger for a bit while his breathing became jagged and uneven. Satisfied that he might finally understand why he was in her bed, she lifted his hand to her shoulder before releasing her hold on him.

Without words, she lifted her head and looked into his eyes. As soon as she had his attention, she looked down toward her chest. His eyes naturally followed, and he pressed his lips firmly together when he discovered that Miez's nipples were hardening into rigid points pushing her t-shirt off her breasts. Quivering with lust, his excitement provoked a soft purr and a sigh. His arousal was impossible to contain now, and his kitten quietly giggled as his hips pressed forward and Rhys unwittingly rubbed his hard cock against her bare legs. The bulge in his trousers was satisfyingly well-formed and encouraged her own fantasies. Knowing what worked once might prove happily overwhelming a second time, she took his hand from her shoulder and dragged his sweaty palm down the length of her torso again before turning over and wrapping his arms around her.

He was lost in her sudden storm of sensual seduction, and Rhys suffered silently while Miez wriggled and writhed against his hard cock while holding his hands so they were pressed to her ribs and the soft swelling of her breasts was just out of reach. In the dim light, his other senses were overcompensating. He could hear every exhaled moan and the scent of her was all around him. He was immersed in the very tangible sense of her presence, and there was no way to hide from the way that provoked his lust while he was firmly held in place within the sanctuary of her bed. His eyes closed, and he wished for so much more. Her hands moved, and the breasts he longed to cup and cradle and kiss were suddenly delivered to his fingers every time his kitten took a deep breath. He could scarcely breathe because he didn't want to miss a single murmured whisper. Her silence was deafening, but her touch said more than words could have conveyed.

Rhys' inexperience rendered him somewhat frozen, and Miez was going to take full advantage of his awkwardness before letting him release himself. With a subtle smirk, she rolled over again to face him. He was right there, his lust roaring within a prison whose cage bars were one part self-control and another part self-doubt, and Miez leaned in, touched her nose to his, and sighed deeply. "Don't you just hate how frustrating it is when you can't sleep?" The stiff nodding of his head and heavy weight of his hands hinted at the tension within his body. She put her arm around him and slipped a hand under his shirt. Her pet gasped when her warm fingers began drumming over his bare skin. Hand running up and down his back, she smiled and bumped his nose again before throwing her leg over his thigh and squeezing him close. "I guess I should release you from being tortured now..."

Her purring words had the same impact of her quick kiss earlier in the night, and Rhys was shocked. Pleasure lit her eyes as her lips pressed against his and she tested her claws on his chest. For a moment, her pet was still frozen while he tried to understand what was happening and formulate an appropriate response. Then his lust shattered the last of his doubts, and he overcame his fear.

Pulling her close, welcoming how her sharp nails dug into his chest, his hand slipped to her bum, and he firmly squeezed her sexy bottom. His kitten roared with joy, giggling madly, and pushed Rhys onto his back while crawling on top of him. Her hands guided his to her hips while she grinned down at him, and she held back until his attention was fixed on her face and not her body. Biting her lip, Miez straightened up and slowly pulled off her t-shirt. The hunger in her pet's gaze silently devoured every soft curve of her lean body, licked over the ticklish places along her ribs, and was absolutely riveted by her pert nipples. His fantasies were inadequate to prepare him for her tangible sexuality, and he was thankful that his kitten probably couldn't tell how hard he was blushing.

In truth, at this point, he was half expecting to wake up from a dirty dream, sweating and in desperate need of release, uncomfortably close to the edge of the sofa, and at risk of falling to the floor. Yet, his wildest dreams never anticipated his kitten would be as perfect as she seemed in this moment. Wanting her to be real and not just a phantom of his tormented lust, he ran his hands over Miez's body as she slowly pulled his belt from his trousers. As his fingers neared her breasts, she fell forward and pulled him close. Her passionate kisses dispelled Rhys' doubts. Even if this was just a wet dream, he didn't care. He wanted everything and never intended to wake up. She was the reason for his feverish longing and suddenly her warmth was added to his.

Miez always had a secret fancy for Rhys, but half the fun was seeing how much she could tease him and how far she'd be able to push him before he'd have to finally take what he desired so deeply. Now she fully intended to enjoy the surge of his passions as he finally got to have her, and the thrill of the unknown was making her wetter and wetter with every drumming beat of her heart. She pushed him down on the bed, still kissing him, as he rushed to caress her bare skin. His hands stumbled at times, wanting to race over the lean curve of her hips but desperate to cradle her soft breasts again, and more than once he simply cupped her bum while trying to catch his breath. After the initial blitz of urgent exploration, Miez took one of his hands and showed him exactly how he should play with her nipples to excite her pussy and soak her panties. Running his fingers round and round then gently flicking her hard nipples, Rhys experimented while studying her sharp gasps and shivering legs. He was in awe of the sounds she made when he lightly pinched her pert nubs. He was inspired by her rapid breathing when the tip of his fingers struck her tender flesh.

The entire time she praised him with deep sighs and little moans while straddling his thighs. He was distracted by her sinuous wriggling in response to his caresses and the heat of her sex pressing into his legs, so Miez met no resistance when she slowly slid her hand into his pants and rubbed his hard cock. Her long fingers inspected his shaft, coaxing it rather than squeezing, and Miez was thrilled that her pet's manhood was even better than she'd imagined. Eyes shut, hands taking hold of the throbbing flesh that had dreamed of her touch for so long, she could feel herself getting so close while basking in his burning desire.

His kitten had been blessed with the ability to be able to cum from just having her nipples played with, and right now she felt pleasure coursing through her body and gathering for an intense explosion. She moved in closer to Rhys, withdrawing her hands from his pants, and clawed her way up his chest. The pain of her building climax provoked a low moan from his dry lips, and he sat up so he could kiss her neck and nip at her soft skin. His fingers never left her breasts, and now he ran them over her nipples faster and faster as she shook with heaving sighs and gasps that were louder and louder in his ears. In the trembling moment of her orgasm, her nails tore away his skin and left crimson echoes of her touch on his back. She bit him back as his teeth tugged on her neck, trying to suppress her cries of ecstasy but failing, and Miez's passions raged around him. Rhys was plunged into the sexual whirlpool that lurked beneath the deceptively still waters that cloaked his kitten's desires. Embracing her pleasure and channeling the lightning that lit her nerves with glowing blue and white lights, her teeth and lips were darkened by the dark red rust of his blood as she bit down harder and latched onto him with an unwavering grip that tugged muscle from bone.

Rhys was no idiot. He had wanted her for so long. He had paid attention to everything that she had said. Her casual comments, sexual innuendo, and perverse hints had been replayed over and over again in his fantasies. Her furies unleashed him, her teeth and nails bared his heart, and he was close enough to her to know the things she liked best. Suddenly full of purpose, and never thinking to question why his kitten had seeded his wet dreams with her specific pleasures, he seized the moment. He hadn't suspected that any of this could be real. He'd almost discounted Miez's perverse commentary as taunting him for being a virgin. She had a natural affinity for being risqué and flirtatious and whilst it could get her into trouble, he recognized that it also helped her get what she desired. It had driven Rhys crazy. It had brought him back for film nights and meandering adventures time and time again. Now he had in his arms, his blood on her lips as he kissed and her fingertips as she clawed at his shoulders, and he knew that he'd always find himself coming back for more of the same.

Reeling from the euphoria of her immense climax, she continued passionately kissing him while slumping to her side. Her moment of weakness inspired Rhys' ego, and he was determined that nothing would hold him back from having her tonight. He tried to slide on top of his kitten, pushing between her legs to spread her thighs, but he met her unyielding iron fist. Hurling him back with surprising ease, she embodied the dominance that was intrinsic to her nature. She was the Prince, and letting him have the pleasure that he desired didn't change that one bit. Taking his hands and pinning them to the bed as he was forced into the mattress, her kisses licked his shoulder and neck before her mouth reached his ear. Her lips were wet and warm as she caressed him, intentionally breathing while he twitched despite trying to stay dead still, and Miez whispered, "Bad boy..." Her words were exhaled so slowly, her body pressed against his, and he shook with each one. "Sit... stay... be good." His compliance was commanded without even raising her voice.

He had no choice but to obey her, but he still smirked at her demands. Rhys was certain that he could easily overpower his kitten, but he was more interested in seeing exactly what she had in store. His curiosity gave her free reign, and he spent too long plotting while she took action. Soon his arms were spread wide and his wrists tied to her bed posts. His ankles were firmly strapped to the footboard. Rhys didn't think to test the restraints until too late, and then he realized that he was utterly at Miez's mercy.

She was not the merciful kind. Her fingers surveyed his body. She sought every way to tease, torment, and drive him insane. He fought an invisible battle - his will pitted against her touch - and she defeated him over and over again. It pleased her to know that she still had new ways to make him squirm while he lapsed into bouts of struggling against his bondage while she continued to do as she wished. When he exhausted himself, she leaned down and gently kissed his lips. The kisses continued down his neck, over his collarbone, then began sinking lower and lower. His back arched as she licked his nipples. Her shoulders hunched and his torso flexed from side to side as she nibbled on his ribs. He heaved a sigh of relief when she paused at his navel. Then he lifted up enough to carefully watch her with terror in his eyes as she shot him a glance of pure lust whilst she ran her tongue over his hip bones.

Miez tugged at his jeans, pulling them down and exposing more of his flesh, before nibbling and biting her way back up to his lips. Her fingers sought out the straining bulge of his erection, and she fondled it gently before delivering a hard smack when his hips thrust his cock against her hand. Every time that he thought he was getting closer to his release, she yanked it away. It was important that he be fully aware that anything he got was a reward, and she was loving the game.

When Miez pulled down his boxers and set his hard cock free from confinement, he anticipated her teeth on his cheek as she moved to start grinding against him. He didn't know. He was suddenly overwhelmed all over again. Her soaked panties and the warm heat of her pussy caressed his cock in ways that he had never imagined. Instantly panting, Rhys fought for words to exclaim as his throbbing cock bounced against Miez's body. "Not yet," she purred, "I will make you mine before you can have it." He almost died as her nails raked over his chest, and his cock seemed past the point of bursting yet somehow she took complete control of his arousal.

Hands rubbing up and down his body, each stroke of his cock desperately seeking release, Rhys could no longer hold back his moans of pleasure, torment, and lust. His kitten ventured down again, her arms stretching out over his chest while her lips flowed over his taut skin, and there was only a moment - when a single breath curled around the head of his swollen cock - before her tongue slid across his sheathed glans and toyed with his foreskin. He was twitching, spasming, his abs contracting and biceps and forearms flexing while he fought the urge to kick and twist and turn. She punished his lack of self-control, nails slicing through his flesh as she dragged her hands from his collarbone, over his pecs, and down to his ribs. He would have screamed from the pain, but in the same motion she swallowed every inch of him with her warm, wet mouth. She sucked him, tongue curling and curving around his throbbing shaft, and her lust was clear as Miez repeatedly forced him into her throat.

"Miez... please... I can't take it anymore." Rhys began begging as he felt her teeth gently threaten when he seemed ready to shoot. "I want you... please... PLEASE!!!" He didn't care who heard his confession. He couldn't suffer any longer. He couldn't hold back or endure another teasing punishment. She stopped, and it was even worse. He felt utterly broken with lust, and didn't know how to possibly convince her to do whatever she wanted so long as he could finally cum. "Please... oh, please..."

She stood on the bed above him and slowly pushed down her panties. They fell beside him and Rhys tugged desperately at his restraints wanting to pull her onto him. With a crooked grin, Miez sat down between his thighs and took his cock in her hand. Rhys stared at her as she scooted forward until his shaft was pressed against her smooth pelvis. He swallowed and tried to remember to breathe when she began rubbing his erection over her wet pussy while blowing him kisses. He almost burst into sobs when she moved so his glans was soaked by her slick juices and fit into the soft furrow between her shaved labia. She held his cock in her hand, enjoying how his shaft was twitching and moving all on its own, before slowly sliding his manhood into her welcoming pussy.

She was very still for a moment, studying the bliss that softened her pretty pet's tense expression. Miez understood she could only do this once. Her pussy squeezed tight, suckling his hard cock, and he was no longer a virgin. Leaning forward so her breasts pushed into Rhys' chest, she undid the restraints holding his wrists to the corners of her bed. She knew his cock was pushed into a different position by the movement of her lean body, and she almost giggled while enjoying the heft of his desire within her pussy. Sitting up and then leaning back, she made quick work of the restraints holding his ankles to the footboard. Again, her pussy tugged his cock in new ways as she moved, and Miez enjoyed how his firm erection willingly bent to avoid slipping free of her sex. She sat up, wiggled her hips to get a perfect seal against the root of his cock, and then tipped forward to whisper to his ear.

"Show me what you're made of, Rhys," she moaned seductively as Miez started to grind her hips against his. It took him a moment to realize that she wasn't asking. She commanded that he pleasure her with everything he had. Rhys immediately placed his hands on her hips and began pulling her back and forth so she would grind hard against his pelvis while his cock was fully sheathed within her wet pussy. Miez happily obliged and her dripping juices painted his olive skin. One hand moved to her shoulder, pulling her to his chest, and she kissed his neck. Like this, heels pressed into the mattress, he thrust upward into her heated embrace while rubbing his pelvis against her swollen clit. Miez's teeth firmly gripped his throat and she bit down with each hard stroke of his cock deep into her sex.

At first, Miez rode the cresting waves of his lust. Once he had found his rhythm, she didn't need to hold back. He took over, now totally in control and responsible for making both of them cum, and she was getting ever closer. Their feverish kisses were interrupted with panting and gasping for air. She moaned and purred to his lips, and he kissed her back with enough force to lift her head up. She never stopped clawing his chest, and his vigorous thrusts encouraged her fingernails to sink even deeper into his flesh. In his mind, the focus of his need was the heat expanding around his cock, and Rhys worked at getting Miez to climax. His own orgasm threatened, but he worried that orgasming first would disappoint Miez and result in being denied access to her bed in the future.

He couldn't bear the thought. Now that he had slipped into the moist depths of Miez's pussy, Rhys was certain that he'd do anything to get more of the same.

Huffing and puffing from the exertion, he contorted his body in painful ways to grind against her clit. He cradled the soft curve of her bum with one hand while trying to tease her nipples with the other. She was in motion, and he had to resort to cupping her breasts and gently pinching and rolling her erect nubs. That was enough. Miez arched her back and let out a pleasurable cry as her pussy tightened around his cock. She cried out his name over and over as she orgasmed, and Rhys thrust harder and harder until he finally filled her with his cum. Exhausted and exposed, they collapsed onto her bed together, snuggled close, and resumed smothering one another in kisses while neither bothered trying to pull the blankets up.

Her kisses slowed to a stop, and she nuzzled his nose. Uncertain what he was supposed to do, Rhys sighed, "So what happens now?"

"We sleep," she grinned happily.

She was a specialist who worked hard taming and training that elusive and temperamental breed: the male virgin. She enjoyed corrupting them, encouraging fantasies that served her purposes, and the roller coaster ride of the culmination of her hard work was almost curative in nature. Just because she was a specialist though, Miez wasn't prevented from thoroughly enjoying the men that she had deflowered.

She was a Prince, after all. Once they had a taste of her pleasure, her virgins became her legions.

Are you a virgin? She's got her eye on conquering you!

Cherish Desire Ladies: Miez

You're next on her naughty list.

A long, lean dominatrix who fancies cat ears and seducing virgins, Miez was on the periphery of Max's world when he began spending time with Priya and Peter. Outwardly confident, decidedly neurotic, and hoping for someone to understand, the pretty darling enjoyed wiggling her bottom at the older American to see if she could provoke a response. When Priya tore a hole through Max's heart, he took comfort in the silly pleasures that evoked madcap grins and squealing delight from his sexy Prince. He'd already seen past her bravado and accepted her tender need to be loved despite being different from everyone else. When Miez suffered a series of seizures, Max encouraged her to become the Tainted Prince and embrace her power while rebuilding her strength. Out of respect and possibly a bit of a competitive streak, she quickly allied herself with him and the corruption of Priya's poor Alvin was their first mutual conquest. Tainted Prince. Virgin Slayer. Trophy Wife. And something more: bearer of the powerful heart which he gave to Miez promising that he could survive without one.

Plunge into her next story!

"Princely Treats (A Miez Story)"

Miez knows how to treat someone special. All it requires is her sexy self, some pretty sex toys, and her digital camera! [Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play & Wearing, Exhibitionism (Photos), Vaginal & Implied Anal Penetration]

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Very Dirty Stories #181

"All The Prince's Men 1: Her Specialty (A Miez Story)"

Every dominant woman has a guilty pleasure or two. Miez enjoys the trembling of a man's tender virginity longing to be bent to her will. [Includes: FM, Vaginal & Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Bondage & Restraints, D/s, Femdom, Virgin]

"The Backup Plan (A Jenny Story)"

Holly's traumatic lust and desperate desires lure Tom in. He never knew that the sexy amazon had always considered him her conception backup plan. [Includes: MF, Cheating & Cuckold, Anal & Implied Vaginal Sex, Female Masturbation, Dildo Play & Implied Wearing, Anal Penetration, Spanking, Punishment Play, Implied Fingering & Fisting]

"Improbable Conquests"

He encourages her lust for dragons with very direct demands on her sexuality. After all, he wants his improbable woman to embrace her Frisky Beast delights and give in to the Bad Dragon sex toys poised over her buttocks. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play & Wearing, Dragon, Anal & Implied Vaginal Penetration, Stretching, Implied Fingering, Implied D/s, Implied Double Penetration]

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