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What if you needed something different, something lurid and wicked, to spark your imagination? What if the same old same old stopped turning you on? What if you wanted to know more than an anonymous photo or video upload could tell you? What if there was a way to get a taste of delicious depravity, perverse passions, and tawdry temptation for free?

You're in the right place. Explore free short stories, excerpts, audio clips, and promotional videos from Cherish Desire. Fair warning: our erotica may be too big for one-handed fun.

Free Orgasms Volume 1

The brutal truth about lust is here, and it's free to download. 11 stories of unihibited sex and desire start with phone sex and dildo masturbation while building up to hard core pony play and rubber penetration. Do you dare download Free Orgasms Volume 1 and plunge into the deep end right away, or will you tease yourself with one story after another from the Free Erotica Series?

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Free Orgasms Volume 2

Can you handle a second orgasm? Download free erotica and corrupt your fantasies. 10 stories of brazen taboos and fetishes won't stop until you are breathless and broken. Will you risk downloading Free Orgasms Volume 2 and spend your evening gasping for release, or will you pace yourself to stretch out the pleasure of one story after another from the Free Erotica Series?

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Free Orgasms Volume 3

Is the third time a charm? Free downloads from the latest Very Dirty Stories erotica titles will lead you to the slippery slope of desire and deviancy. Get a headstart downloading Free Erotica Series titles that will appear in the next Free Orgasms release!

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Free Orgasms Unlimited Exclusive Release

Have you wondered if Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime are worth it? Prove it to yourself with a free download of something pervy to spice up your Kindle! 10 hand selected stories featuring bold intimacy and corrupt fetishes await for your pleasure. Download Free Orgasms Unlimited Exclusive Release and do some one handed reading while wetting your fingers!

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What would your Cherish Desire montage sound like? Listen to our trailers and enjoy free downloads of narrated pervy stories on SoundCloud!

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Read along while listening to select narrated Cherish Desire stories. Discover trailers for our new releases and enjoy free downloads on YouTube!


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"Object Confessions Collection 2" Book Trailer

Cherish Desire Singles:
Object Confessions Collection 2 Book Trailer

Will you invite sexy in? Enjoy scandalous secrets from ladies who know what they enjoy!

Satisfy your urges! Read Object Confessions Collection 2 today!

Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 2, Max D, erotica

Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 2, Max D, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 2, Max D, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 2, Max D, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Object Confessions Collection 1, Max D, erotica

Cherish Desire Singles:
Object Confessions Collection 2

Are startling sexual confessions exactly what's needed to make the world a better place? Compare your happiness before and after while these ladies share their naughty secrets!

No regrets and extreme arousal guide the Ladies of Object Confessions to climax after climax. With pervy exploits and intense penetration pleasures, they aim to grab the challenge by the horns and ride to sensational finishes. Don't feel left out. Get insider information on what makes these women wet!

The second collection of erotic confessions, "Object Confessions Collection 2" includes ten erotic "Object Confessions" stories with perverse pleasures including playing with unusual dildos, stretching, bizarre love triangles, and piercing perks. Intimacy is intense, and these explicit stories abandon innocence and embrace lusty intentions! Featuring "Object Confessions 12" to "Object Confessions 21."

Get the dirty details on alternative sexual delights in this collection of erotic stories from the Ladies of Object Confessions!

  • "Object Confessions 12: Eager Deception"
    Men need to believe that they are getting away with something. Is it wrong when she tells him that he's cuckolding a husband which she doesn't have and stretching her with his big equine dildo and fists?
  • "Object Confessions 13: Open For Anything"
    She enjoys it too much to say "No," but she's not sure other men will say "Yes." The labia piercings are one thing, but will the next step limit her to "specialty services?"
  • "Object Confessions 14: Lust Positive"
    With both her Fleshlights in, she has two lovely pink slots for alleyway quickies. If any man wants more then he has to accept that she enjoys being wonderfully stretched and open!
  • "Object Confessions 15: Glasgow Girl"
    Masturbating for his pleasure and being his Glasgow girl comes with unexpected benefits. Her efforts to please him from Scotland earn her a sunny sex holiday!
  • "Object Confessions 16: Sexy Smurfette"
    Her confession comes with tips for enjoying something blue tucked between sexy lips. This Smurfette's lovely blue silicon toy keeps her fulfilled all day long, and her blue Seadragon beast has a diabolic plan to make a lasting impression!
  • "Object Confessions 17: Needle Intensity"
    Lengthy lips enjoy being pinched and pulled. What she didn't expect was how good needles would feel.
  • "Object Confessions 18: Not A Submissive"
    She's different from his other girls: she takes the lead and shows him what she wants. Setting her up with one of his other ladies was just a new way of sharing their rough sex play.
  • "Object Confessions 19: Ribbons And Piercings"
    Her crazy urges for pretty labia tunnels laced with purple ribbon just require some hand holding and encouragement. Paying him back for his support while they heal will require intense bottom play.
  • "Object Confessions 20: Wet In Oregon"
    There's nothing wrong with some creative masturbation. She shares her pleasure in the cinema to show him how much she cares.
  • "Object Confessions 21: Oregon Corps"
    Being his slut is hard work with big rewards! Unfortunately, sometimes things get way out of hand with the locals, and that makes it all much more personal.
[Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play & Wearing, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Double Penetration, Object Insertion (Fleshlight), Implied Dragon, Equine, Fingering & Fisting, Stretching, Implied Exhibitionism (Public), MF, FF, Vaginal & Anal Sex, Biting & Clawing, Strap-on Sex, Implied Rough Sex, D/s, Implied Rubber & Latex & Fetish Wear, Implied Inflation Play (Saline), Implied Suction Play, Implied Piercing, Prolapse, Clamping (Labia), Needle Play]

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Want more? The Ladies of Object Confessions have so many secrets to share!

Cherish Desire Ladies: Object Confessions

The Ladies of Object Confessions
Do you Sext and Tell?

Pleasure and perversion take on many forms. Sometimes the dirty confessions of special needs and desires shouldn't be associated with a specific name. The Ladies of Object Confessions open up and share their guilty pleasures - breaking all the rules and spelling out what really gets them off. When it comes to sex there may not be anything new under the sun, but there's still plenty of shocking dirty secrets. And when it comes to orgasms, women know a lot more than they are admitting in public!