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Free Erotica Series: "The Caline Standard (A Miez Story)"

The Caline Standard (A Miez Story)

"The Caline Standard (A Miez Story)" written by Max D

What if she could become something meaningful? Miez explores redefining herself in terms of her perverse pleasures with his encouragement. [Includes: MF, Implied Dildo Play & Wearing, Implied Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Stretching, Implied Canine, Implied Dragon, Implied Fingering & Fisting, Implied Vaginal & Anal Sex]

Enjoy "The Caline Standard (A Miez Story)" written by Max D for free! Read online, download the PDF, or download eReader formats on Smashwords right now!

Featured Erotica from Very Dirty Stories #201

"The Caline Standard (A Miez Story)" written by Max D

"There will have to be standards," Miez knew he would agree. "A good pet only behaves as well as it is trained to do."

Max let her pace the living room in her space leggings and Dragon Age hoodie. He already had a training program in mind, but the passionate domme often surprised him with her ingenuity. "Body modifications first?" he suggested and awaited her heated response.

To his surprise, it was a cuddly day. Miez went straight to where he sat on the couch and slipped into his lap. Her arms wrapped around his chest and held him close while she gently wiggled and squirmed against his strong thighs. "Yes," she kissed to his ear. "Body mods first." Her tattoo had been a delicate balance of fighting off insanity while the needle dragged over her skin and trying not to orgasm as her body reacted to the seductive spike of steel rapidly hammering against her pelvis.

"Each Caline will be marked with her family and her allegiance. My gorgeous Caline has her wulf paw and sigil. A Prince's Caline would have a cat's paw and the imperial insignia. The tattoo is a reminder that even a lapsed Caline is forever bound in service." The soft purring of his lover was accompanied by fingers kneading and clawing at him through his snug t-shirt. "Successful Caline graduates will be marked with their achievement and specialty."

Teeth sliding over his exposed neck, Miez asked, "Achievement and specialty?" She tried to hold back, but biting him and enjoying the way his muscles responded by rippling against her body was too intoxicating to resist. "What's my specialty?" Her teeth tugged on his flesh and threatened to tear the truth from him.

"Nobility," he turned his head and nipped her ear. "A Prince is above the rabble. No matter the urge for lowly pleasures, no unsheathed cock shall enter a Prince while she is wearing her crown." Her tight hug signified more than arousal. Max's acceptance of her desires and passions had forged a fundamental component of their union when others had tried to dismiss or discourage her kinky fantasies.

"And you marked me with a crown..." The small regal tattoo was meant to be a reminder to hold her head high and face each day while embracing her power, but Max always had manifold reasons for everything he did. "You never want an unsheathed cock inside of me... even yours?"

It was a very serious question. "When a wolf takes down a fawn in the forest, he has his way with her. So long as you say you are a Prince and not a fawn then even my cock would have to be sheathed." He shrugged as she pulled back and gave him a look of shock. "But when you are my nimble fawn..."

Grinning with delight, Miez kissed his nose and whispered, "Then you'll capture me, hogtie me, and I'll be at your mercy." Her elaborate desires were interwoven with a reality so rich with stories and lore that it rivaled some of her best video games.

"An achievement will be marked with a crescent moon. Numbers will be inscribed on the inside edge of the crescent to indicate a Caline's anal achievements in width and depth. Numbers will be inscribed on the outside of the crescent to indicate a Caline's vaginal achievements in width and depth. Other families will develop variants of these lifetime commitments, but a Caline is purposeful and their achievements are a source of pride. To deny them the marking of achievement suggests that the Caline has not reached her potential." He gently pulled Miez closer and gave her a hug. "Specialties might be anal service, cock worship, oral service, strap-on adoration, etc. Ideally, they are a more subtle mark, like your crown, instead of something overt and written out."

She was still pondering his earlier admission while letting his words slip by. "I have a crown on me all the time. That's why you always remind me to keep track of whenever I accidentally get cocked in the pussy or ass by someone." He nuzzled her head while waiting for her to puzzle it out. "Even when..." she sighed, "I'm always a Prince."

"Nobility requires the grace to understand when you must act contrary to your personal satisfaction, and the strength to embrace your punishment to balance out those compromises." Max cradled her lean body to his chest, his power wrapped around her, and he made it clear that he expected no less than her dedication to the utmost Caline of desires. "The biggest canines and dragons; your fingers slipped in alongside my fists; the beautiful blossom of your noble fountain." Knowing her minor obsessions helped. "An Engineer would be able to tell that his massive alabaster cock would slide deep within you without difficulty. A dire wolf would never doubt your sexual intentions while you seduced him with glimpses of your natural openness and offered sweet promises to wet his rage as he mounts your back." He kissed her forehead, amused by how her fingertips dug into the meat of his shoulders, and murmured, "So loose and open that they get no pleasure out of it. You will practice hollowing out your pussy until you can no longer clench and grip any cock less than three inches thick. You will ride your dragon and canine cocks until only a ten inch long shaft reaches the upper portions of your pussy. You will use your vibrator to force your orgasms while plugged and mounted so the stimulation of double penetration is necessary for you to cum." She turned in his arms and kissed his chin. "Nobility requires adherence to stricter codes than most. You are the Prince of the Calines, and your transformation will set the example for the rest."

"Of course," Miez murmured while his goatee tickled her lips. She dared to kiss him, to scent his arousal and heat, while fires burned behind his dark eyes. "They will know exactly how small and inadequate they are as a punishment for trying." With a solemn nod, she scratched at his back while pushing with her knees until Max stretched out on the couch with his head beside his luggage. Her hands moved over his body, tugging at him and clawing at his dense muscles, until she had straddled his hips and tucked herself against his chest. "Tell me more."

The warmth of her arousal pressed against his trousers, and Max smiled while curling an arm around her lower back to hold his Prince in place. "A Caline has a distinctive pussy. Trained for fists, dragons, and canines, frequent knotting and stretching encourages the inner labia to be longer and more prominent. A devoted Caline seeks great pleasure from observing the development of her sexual presentation to enrapture and command human males. In exchange for access to a Caline pussy to worship, they are fitted with cock cages to represent their unworthiness." Miez wiggled against him, deliberately grinding over his lengthening shaft through his clothes, and Max chuckled happily. "A Caline's pussy is also deliberately stretched and the muscles are retrained not to grip, squeeze, or milk anything smaller than her biggest canine and dragon lovers. An exemplary Caline parts the crescent of her labia with a sweeping motion of her fingers, and the hollow depths of her sex are visible without any further action."

The frenzy struck as Miez pictured how her pussy would look with thorough training. She bit him hard, seizing his pec but avoiding his nipple with her teeth, and Max's body hummed with the potential for fury and violence while she tested her luck by crushing and tugging on his flesh. He didn't give in, and her biting continued. Her tongue left wet spots on his shirt as she scored his chest with numerous hard nips and shook her head while seizing him in her mouth. The low rumble of his purring and the strength of his fingers sinking into her back didn't even seem like an attempt to dissuade her. Soaking her panties, her pussy was overheating with the knowledge that she was straddling a monster who took perverse pleasure in encouraging her appetites. He wasn't even flinching when she clawed her way back to his shoulder with nips along the trail of bruised flesh beneath his snug t-shirt. Max's passions inspired chaotic desires for immense primal cocks that would leave her fulfilled and aching, but what Miez knew best was how much he wanted her specifically. "You'll see," she sighed while rocking her hips to rub her pelvis against him. "So loose and open..."

"A Caline has a well prepared ass," Max's torso lifted with each deep breath and his words resonated against the side of her face as his Prince tucked her chin and listened close. "For the less able students, anal sex is the only unsheathed cock they experience." She watched his chest rise and fall and bit him again. Taking a firm enough grip to make Max's fingers flex, Miez tried to tug meat from bone while he closed his eyes to focus on the stars within his lover's constellation of secret pleasures. "For a true Caline, anal is necessary to pursue the great peaks of orgasmic bliss. Being fisted and knotted requires a synchronicity of arousal and determination. A Caline in heat is a fearsome predator whose desires are not hindered by avoidance."

Her teeth let his damaged flesh slip from her mouth. "How big?" Miez asked politely while not so discretely looking over her shoulder at the rounded curve of her buttocks. She personally considered her ass one of her best features and enjoyed admiring it.

Max appreciated the brief distraction which interrupted the repeating cycle of brutal biting. "With time... fisting, canines, and dragons, of course. That would be a specialist in anal though. The true achievement is measured by preparation and awareness. A sheathed cock with a thick knot is a welcome challenge and not avoided nor put off out of fear. A ridged dragon is an experience requiring warm up and plenty of slow deliberate thrusts until its girth and length are buried deep. When a Caline presents her ass, she conveys confidence that she will find a way to fuck whatever meets her requirements given enough time and opportunity." The lean domme had a vicious grin, and Max could tell she was using her resting weight to crush his pulsing cock to taunt him for not openly demanding what he wanted. "There will be a table full of every sweet you desire and a very substantial lingerie shopping trip the day after my fist fits into your ass. If you decide to offer your bottom for specialty training."

With a wink and a nod, she returned to cuddling on his chest and nipping his pecs while kneading her claws on his ribs. The difference was the deliberate application of pressure as she writhed against his pelvis and teased his cock.

"Ah, what else..." The rogue mercenary was quite happy to bask in the affectionate clutches of his Prince. "Nipple and clitoris suction and elongation. Double penetration training. Comfort with restraints and bondage - as most Calines will be trained to be switches so they can appropriately demand the complete humiliation of their male partners. I'm probably forgetting a few things..."

"Distracted?" she purred while kissing her way to his neck. He'd be angry when he saw the bite marks she'd left, but a second set of dental impressions wasn't going to increase her punishment so she bit him again. "Thinking about something?" Her fingers weren't as strong as his, but she raked them over his cheek with enough force to pull his chin downward. Still straddling his cock, Miez uncoiled like a cobra rising to strike so she could look down at him as she massaged his scalp. "Maybe... me?"

"The First Caline." His eyes saw through her willfulness and need for control. In the reflection of his vast darkness, she was a distant and bright blue-white sun calling out to be seen, heard, and known. "My Prince." Behind the layers of masks and myths, he was a shadowy figure reaching out to embrace her raging fires and solemn depths. He winked, coyly playing human, and Miez grinned.

It was just a matter of who struck first, and she intended to win by giving in to every wicked passion that warmed her wulf guardian's heart. It wouldn't be hard after all. He'd given her his heart right from the start.

Are you a virgin? She's got her eye on conquering you!

Cherish Desire Ladies: Miez

You're next on her naughty list.

A long, lean dominatrix who fancies cat ears and seducing virgins, Miez was on the periphery of Max's world when he began spending time with Priya and Peter. Outwardly confident, decidedly neurotic, and hoping for someone to understand, the pretty darling enjoyed wiggling her bottom at the older American to see if she could provoke a response. When Priya tore a hole through Max's heart, he took comfort in the silly pleasures that evoked madcap grins and squealing delight from his sexy Prince. He'd already seen past her bravado and accepted her tender need to be loved despite being different from everyone else. When Miez suffered a series of seizures, Max encouraged her to become the Tainted Prince and embrace her power while rebuilding her strength. Out of respect and possibly a bit of a competitive streak, she quickly allied herself with him and the corruption of Priya's poor Alvin was their first mutual conquest. Tainted Prince. Virgin Slayer. Trophy Wife. And something more: bearer of the powerful heart which he gave to Miez promising that he could survive without one.

Catch up with her last story!

"More Than Just Dreams (A Miez & Priya Story)"

Dominatrix Miez can’t resist using her strap-on to push Priya past her limits. Inviting her submissive in his puppy costume to knot the seductress empowers new climaxes through perverse pleasures. [Includes: FF, D/s, Fingering & Fisting, MF, Strap-on Sex, Dildo Play, Vaginal & Oral & Anal Penetration, Double & Triple Penetration, Anal Sex, Stretching, Puppy Play, Submissive Male, Implied Pegging, Canine, Bondage & Restraints, Rubber & Latex & Fetish Wear]

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What if she could become something meaningful? Miez explores redefining herself in terms of her perverse pleasures with his encouragement. [Includes: MF, Implied Dildo Play & Wearing, Implied Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Stretching, Implied Canine, Implied Dragon, Implied Fingering & Fisting, Implied Vagina & Anal Sex]

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While Sveta wants to prove herself, the wulf only desires her older sister. Will Irina’s submission be enough, or is it just a first step into the shadows of his pleasures? [Includes: MFF, D/s, Fingering & Fisting & Double Fisting, Speculum Play, Stretching, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Vaginal & Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Female Masturbation, Implied Punishment Play, Piercing]

"Object Confessions 63: Level Up"

It’s not easy when she lusts after pelvis busting lovers with immense girth and length. Luckily, she has a mentor who introduces her to Big Stan. [Includes: MF, Vaginal Sex, Fingering & Fisting & Double Fisting, Vaginal Penetration, Female Masturbation, Dildo Play, Stretching]

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