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What if you needed something different, something lurid and wicked, to spark your imagination? What if the same old same old stopped turning you on? What if you wanted to know more than an anonymous photo or video upload could tell you? What if there was a way to get a taste of delicious depravity, perverse passions, and tawdry temptation for free?

You're in the right place. Explore free short stories, excerpts, audio clips, and promotional videos from Cherish Desire. Fair warning: our erotica may be too big for one-handed fun.

Free Orgasms Volume 1

The brutal truth about lust is here, and it's free to download. 11 stories of unihibited sex and desire start with phone sex and dildo masturbation while building up to hard core pony play and rubber penetration. Do you dare download Free Orgasms Volume 1 and plunge into the deep end right away, or will you tease yourself with one story after another from the Free Erotica Series?

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Free Orgasms Volume 2

Can you handle a second orgasm? Download free erotica and corrupt your fantasies. 10 stories of brazen taboos and fetishes won't stop until you are breathless and broken. Will you risk downloading Free Orgasms Volume 2 and spend your evening gasping for release, or will you pace yourself to stretch out the pleasure of one story after another from the Free Erotica Series?

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Free Orgasms Volume 3

Is the third time a charm? Free downloads from the latest Very Dirty Stories erotica titles will lead you to the slippery slope of desire and deviancy. Get a headstart downloading Free Erotica Series titles that will appear in the next Free Orgasms release!

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Free Orgasms Unlimited Exclusive Release

Have you wondered if Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime are worth it? Prove it to yourself with a free download of something pervy to spice up your Kindle! 10 hand selected stories featuring bold intimacy and corrupt fetishes await for your pleasure. Download Free Orgasms Unlimited Exclusive Release and do some one handed reading while wetting your fingers!

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SoundCloud Audio Releases

What would your Cherish Desire montage sound like? Listen to our trailers and enjoy free downloads of narrated pervy stories on SoundCloud!

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YouTube Releases

Read along while listening to select narrated Cherish Desire stories. Discover trailers for our new releases and enjoy free downloads on YouTube!


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Read samples from Cherish Desire stories and learn more about your favorite characters with free excerpts and backstories.


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Very Dirty Stories: Free Orgasms Volume 2

Very Dirty Stories:
Free Orgasms Volume 2

Are you ready for Round 2? Perverse pleasures offer potent inspiration for the release you need!

Dive into ten stories of extreme erotica which pursue the hardest orgasms yet. Featuring sassy Mistress Alice, sneaky Angel, naughty Priya, demanding Domme Miez, and more - notorious Cherish Desire Ladies who go for what they want - this collection breaks the rules and embraces taboo desires!

Free Orgasms Volume 2 gets pervy and dirty without any excuses. If you enjoy demanding dominant women, seductive submissives, Bad Dragon fantasies, BDSM and D/s fun, big dildos, or naughty public arousal... then this is for you!

Have the lube ready to go and enjoy this perverse erotica collection!

  • "Secret Shopper (An Angel Story)"
    Angel’s joy from her unseen penetration is matched by Tom’s hearty lust. Wearing her seven inch phallus is exactly what she needs while shopping, and Tom thoroughly enjoys plunging in afterward. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play & Wearing, Vaginal Penetration, Exhibitionism (Public), MF, Vaginal Sex, Implied Stretching]
  • "Object Confessions 20: Wet In Oregon"
    There’s nothing wrong with some creative masturbation. She shares her pleasure in the cinema to show him how much she cares. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Implied MF, Fingering & Implied Fisting, Dildo Play & Wearing, Double Penetration, Implied Vaginal & Anal Sex, Implied Stretching, Implied Exhibitionism (Public)]
  • "I’ll Always Be With You (A Sable & Sara Story)"
    Angel sinks into her wetness while the mirror is watching. The lust Tom feeds into her subconscious is fighting to take control. [Includes: FF, Vaginal Penetration, Fingering & Fisting]
  • "Con Toda Mi Alma 5 (An Alice Story)"
    Curled up with the one person that she truly loves, Sable struggles with Sara’s power over her. Perhaps what she should really worry about is how their father’s legacy is becoming unavoidable. [Includes: FF, Implied MF, Oral Sex, Female Masturbation, Fingering, Spanking, Dildo Play & Wearing, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Strap-on Sex]
  • "Bear Truths (A Judith Story)"
    Erik’s one night stand from a Berlin nightclub turns out to be more than his match. One admonishment from Judith leaves him bleeding and uncomfortable visiting Berlin again. [Includes: MF, Shapeshifter, Vaginal Sex, Biting & Clawing]
  • "Master’s Reminder (A Priya Story)"
    The sense of her Master’s lust and the soreness that lingers in the wake of their sexual play wraps around precious Priya. His reminder slips into her, and she embraces every thrust. [Includes: MF, D/s, Vaginal & Oral Sex, Anal Penetration, Dildo Play & Wearing, Double Penetration, Breath Play]
  • "Improbable Progress"
    She wants his lowered expectations raised to match her pleasurable urges. His improbable woman demonstrates her progress with a short videoclip featuring her Bad Dragon Nova dildo. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play, Fingering, Stretching, Vaginal Penetration, Dragon, Exhibitionism (Video), Implied MF]
  • "Object Confessions: Lover of Dragons" written by Lelith with Max
    Her sexual fantasies lead her to intense dragon pleasures. She seeks out the magnificence of their immense need to satisfy her tender heat. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Vaginal Penetration, Dildo Play, Dragon, Fingering & Fisting, FF, Stretching, Mythical Creatures]
  • "All The Prince’s Men 1: Her Specialty (A Miez Story)" written by Max with the Weiss Kitty
    Every dominant woman has a guilty pleasure or two. Miez enjoys the trembling of a man’s tender virginity longing to be bent to her will. [Includes: FM, Vaginal & Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Bondage & Restraints, D/s, Femdom, Virgin]
  • "Master And Mistress 2 (An Azure Story)"
    Her sweet Butterfly was nearly paralyzed by the fear of failure. Blindfolded and led into a room full of her Mistress’ friends, she had no choice but to do her best! [Includes: D/s, FF, Oral & Anal Sex, Fingering, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Strap-on Sex, Dildo Play & Wearing, Blindfold, Exhibitionism (Group), Tattoo, Implied Female Masturbation]

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